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Primer: makeup forever hydrating primer
Foundation: Covergirl outlast active 842
Corrector: Pixi peach corrector
Concealer: Clove & hallow 03
Under eye powder: Hourglass veil
Face powder: Dermablend cool beige
Bronzer: Bourjois mat illusion
Face spray: urban decay all nighter
Blush: MAC this could be fun
Highlight: wetnwild megaglo

Brows: Benefit foolproof powder 3 / precisely my brow 3 & 24hr brow setter

Eye primer: Benefit stay don’t stray
Eyeshadow: Bourjois Eye Catching NUDE palette / Also used Bourjois Mat Illusion Bronzer in the crease
Gel liner: Clarins waterproof
Waterline: Lise Watier gel in charcoal
Mascara: Bourjois Eye Catching Extreme Volume

Lipliner: Deck of Scarlet Foxy
Lipstick: Bourjois Rouge Velvet #24



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  1. I love Bourjois! Their quality is top notch for the price. They are drug store priced in Europe and Asia. Their eyeshadows though are always a bit… different. I wouldn’t call them bad, because I love them, but I have to adapt to using them.
    But their foundations, mascaras and lipsticks are really good 😍
    Mascara from this collection however was flaking on me 😒

  2. I love bourjious. I am a beauty advisor of bourjious in Pakistan..Give some tips for convenience to customer for use bourjious.

  3. I believe bourjois is exclusive to shoppers! They used to be in sephora 🤗💞they're my new favorite brand at the drugstore. I can't believe I've never tired their stuff earlier! I love their lipsticks sooooo much❣️I work at shoppers now aha and used to always go to Walmart or superstore, maybe that's why lol?
    I also have their new nude palette that you're using I'm this video, very nice. My favorite shade is the pink shimmery color~ it's more workable on my skin tone compared to their other palettes

  4. It’s amazing to me how people can put mascara on without getting it on your eye lid lol no matter how I do It, I get it up there everywhere!

  5. Everything I have tried from this brand I have loved.. and it may be more expensive but I love shopping or ordering from shoppers ..

  6. Love this look! I wish the lipsticks were available in the U.S

  7. The kids at the bday party will definitely be distracted by your beauty. Gorgeous look.

  8. I keep seeing Bourgeois and it all looks beautiful…but I know nothing about it. Thanks for this information. You're gorgeous and talented and funny.

  9. I’m going to check out the lipsticks! I love the waves in your hair! What do you use to get it wavy? Thanks

  10. Beautiful😻. Love the lipstick on you.

  11. Just an FYI for us in the states… it's sold on Amazon. Not sure how many of the products though. As always thank you for your honest reviews 💖!

  12. Beautiful eye look as always.. Isn’t Bourjois dug store makeup in UK?

  13. Enjoyed the video. Bourjois makeup is sold here in the UK

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