New Beats Tour V2 Review

My long overdue review of the Beats Tour V2.

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  1. bro I need a review for jays t-four wireless can u please make a viedo..

  2. Well…I see why you have 1.2mil subscribers… Completely flawless review, you covered everything in complete honesty. Your awesome. I had the original tour earbuds and one finally stopped working. Just bought my 1st set of tour 2's on ebay, thanks to you.

  3. Not considering price, are better this or the new beats x??

  4. I just bought the 2.5 tours active collection and i think they are fakes can you tell me cause i paid like 145 dollars

  5. I bought them a week ago and the cable already broke (only sound through one earphone), I was being careful.

  6. are these compatible with samsung galaxy s7?

  7. getting these, they dropped from 150€ to 50€

  8. beats tour v2 or RHA MA 750i

  9. I'm getting these on sale at target today for 79.99 and I can't wait!!!!

  10. Ok which are better these or Shure 215

  11. he last 2 minutes… a fucking record will be played every 10 seconds: "low baterry… please charge"

    also… the battery duration is no more than 1 and a half hours

    no sir… this headphones sux

  12. I can buy the yellow version for 59 euro's, Should I buy them?

  13. my beats tour the volume up and down button dont work no more can i get some help on how i can fix that?

  14. TBH These Earphones are awesome have them for 2 years and they still rock

  15. On the version 1's, they don't stay in what so ever, but sound good;will the wings work on the original tours?

  16. i have these ,worst fit ever, does not worth the money, don't buy it !

  17. love them nice bass using tem for 7 months and never ever had problems with it…

  18. urbeats or beats tour 2.0? which one lasts longer ? HELP

  19. get beats tour. they may be falling out just because of the size of your ear inside. if you want something smaller for your ears get ur beats

  20. Does it have a microphone

  21. Please do a review on razer hammerhead v2

  22. What should I get beats solos 2 or the tours 2.0.

  23. How good is the noise isolation?

  24. How do these compare to the studios in the sound department. I have the studio wireless and i love them but i like to use them mostly in the gym, so I want to have the same sound or similar but in a pair of in-ear earphones. Any suggestions?

  25. These or jaybird bluebuds x?

  26. these or bose ultra in ear?

  27. Am I the only one whose earphones keep falling off? It's annoying and they're not exactly cheap lol.

  28. Should i by these or Jaybird bluebuds X ??

  29. I bought the beats tour it sounds horrible my apple headphones sound better

  30. best review on beats tour V2

  31. I wants some but I want to know one thing . Dose the sound in the ear buds leak when you play load music? I myself have beats studios and I love them but the sound leaks to much

  32. samsung galaxy s5 s6 have good high bass with beats

  33. How durable are the earphones, I've seen reviews of them saying that they are very fragile and can break easily

  34. this por the powerbeats 2.0?

  35. God damn I just bought my gf the urbeats instead of the beats Tours because I thought the "wings" were permanently mounted on these. Now I find out you can take them off. FML

  36. do they come with black hands

  37. are these better than version 1

  38. does the button work for Samsung products?

  39. Bose master race

  40. Do You Like use this ?

  41. brief and concise yet very informative review. thanks! 😊

  42. Which ones are better Monster DNA in ear, Monster Inspiration in ear or these?

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