NBA Top 5 Plays of the Night | October 27, 2019

Check out the top 5 plays of the night from around the league on Oct. 27 featuring Jae Crawford, Kendrick Nunn, Ja Morant and more!

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  1. I press the dislike button…

  2. Number two…three steps! Cirkus!

  3. Never been Crowder off Jae Crowder Goatmentator . . . is a beast

  4. nice walking with ball though 0:29

  5. This guy is like white Dolomite

  6. Dude took 4 steps. Jesus christ i try but i cant watch nba basketball

  7. That’s super travel from Kendrick 👀👀👀

  8. Can't wait for the Goatmentator to drop the "The westbeast is unleashed" in his new team.

  9. Commentator is rappin better than drake

  10. Goatmentator is the goat but his fans are cringe like cringementator

  11. Are we gonna act like Nunn didn't travel, and if he was LeBron everybody would be talking about that

  12. Kyrie a nice little mix of selfish and talented.

  13. Galera, assistam esse canal, o muleque faz resumão de todos os jogos na NBA, além de outros conteúdos muito legais:

  14. where is the hesi move of Kyrie??????

  15. Nunn made like 16 steps to the basket, refs don't give a fuck – no traveling call.

  16. Damn Goatmentator always dropping that flame

  17. says top 10 plays but there's only five. I'm one to make mistakes too but jesus be professional

  18. Everytime I see the Heat in a top 5 or 10, I for some reasons think it's gonna be Derrick Jones jr.

  19. Can we please have this dude do the commentary for all Top Plays?

  20. Happy Birthday to Lenny Wilkens 10-28-37.Brooklyn.and Jarrett Jack 10-28-83.MD

  21. when nba keeps allowing travel just to allow a hype dunk, smh no basketball rules just all show

  22. #2 is travel. He made like 4 steps

  23. I knew Crowder would be #1, but I thought Dame would at least make top 3? :/

  24. Kyrie's doing the same move over and over again, predicted by young blood and got swatted.

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