NBA Top 5 Plays of the Night | October 24, 2019

Check out the top 5 plays of the night from around the league on Oct. 24 featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook and more!

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  1. John Collins' new haircut makes him look like Gerald Green TBH

  2. Number 2 is number 1, no doubt.

  3. Why is upload so late and where is Ilyasover ? Because James Harden and Russell Westbrook are more popular than Milwaukee Bucks

  4. How is there no Trae Young in this? He had a few crazy good plays.

  5. Don't let the plays distract you from the fact that the NBA still uploads in 720p in Oct 2019

  6. Must have been slim pickings for top plays if that was the number 1 play

  7. I will continue to dislike every single top plays video with this clown commentating


  9. " raindrops drop top " smh

  10. How stupid does Westbrook look with his cut? VERY!

  11. Rockets have such bad attendance

  12. Brooklyn nets trade KD to Houston rockets Hehehe.

  13. Top 10 to win
    Top 5 all the way live

    Me: tf this nigga on about?

  14. NBA, your challenge system doesn't work if the refs have too much pride and don't overturn their own calls.
    Nothing's changed in this pathetic league. You need a superstar to get refs calls otherwise it's like fucking guessing for the refs.

  15. Had to hit that dislike button once I heard the cringementator

  16. Harden for the MVP ~~ Rejected !!!

  17. Wat about jabari Parker’s standing poster dunk?

  18. Soon as i heard the intro, i knew it was the Cringementator👎. Time to mute this mf'er. Bring back the GOAT. Permanently. Lol

  19. Pussy curry! Hahahaha MJ is right mutherfcker! Hahahaha

  20. This guy is trying to be cool..but sounds like a fool!

  21. Still uploading videos in 720p in 2019…

  22. Collins just like Griffin over Gasol

  23. Like the básquet Ball bro regards from Venezuelan 💪😀😁👍

  24. Clippers are the First team in history to have a better Bench than Starters. in my opinion

  25. So…what was the best play?

  26. Harden can’t drive in without jerking his head back

  27. Number 1 could’ve been kept off this whole video

  28. Welcome back Cringementator. Woooh it will be a long season ahead. 😁

  29. Bring back the goat commentator!!!!!!

  30. This upload is late like Deandre Ayton's diuretics based clearing therapy…

  31. I was convinced that after all these negative feedback, he'd calm it down, but he's still cringy. Although, a little more silent.

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