Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Oct. 28 featuring Kelly Oubre Jr., Omari Spellman, Richaun Holmes, Joel Embiid and more!

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  1. luhya_finnest_niccur Wayne Reply check this nba video

  2. I have so much respect for the guy who tried to block embidd. He is shorter but man…

  3. This might just be his greatest countdown top 10 commentating !!

  4. Logan of Thee Paranormal Reply

    9.5k likes – 190 dislikes

    true GOATmentator stats

  5. Andrew Olive Tree Mixing Reply

    I've missed the NBA top 10 commentator guy!! The GOAT

  6. Tristan Britt Reply

    Swear to god is almost the commentator that make me wanna watch highlights even more. Bars rhymes and delivery this guys the GOAT 💯💯

  7. I think the eastern top 8 is now settled. Just a matter of position now.

  8. Collins face was like “mannnn at least I tried”😭
    But damn goatmentator went nuts tonight 🔥

  9. Alan Rodrigues Reply

    damnnnnn , dunk of the year candidate already in first week

  10. Michael Medeiros Reply

    Embid's dunk was nasty but how is a 7 ft+ monster dunking on an undersized center number 1? Not to mention Ben Simmons casually runs into Deandre Hunter right before the basket when there was no play for him. That could of easily been called a foul and the basket would of been waved off. Kelly Oubre is a guard dunking with the left on 7 ft+ monster that was defensive player of the year and that's only number 9.

  11. Jonah Williams Reply

    Two weeks in and Mason Plumlee already got posterized. Half of NBA posters r just him getting dunked on

  12. goldfish 2000 Reply

    What about the westbrook falling down pass to pj tucker in the corner for the shot that basically sealed the game.

  13. I was watching 76ers vs Hawks and when I saw Embiid dunk on Collins I immediately knew it would be number one for top 10 plays of the night

  14. Javy Suáres Reply

    Embid break Collins ass woooooooo 👉👌nasty waaaoooooo 💪😎✌️

  15. Thando Hlabiso Reply

    "To the ATL where Joel is ringing the bell. John Collins is gonna want to plead the 5th after after Embiid did this".. I am dying😭😭

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