NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | October 23, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Oct. 23 featuring Spencer Dinwiddie, Kelly Oubre Jr., Donovan Mitchell and more!

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  2. Mitchell split defenders and dunked as if he flew an extra couple feet. He could have been highlight reel.

  3. this man just need to drop a mixtape real quick

  4. commentator sounds like he got fired from hosting MTV spring Break… back in 2012.

  5. Dunk of the year already wooooah

  6. Looked pretty high at 2:13.


  7. jones jr. eating the top 10 plays

  8. No starters anymore? Boooo

  9. What Damian did deserves #1, #2 is Donovan's layup

  10. NBA needs a make up. It's not going to survive for a long time as is. Trust me on this.

  11. NBA needs a make up. It's not going to survive for a long time as is. Trust me on this.

  12. NBA is slipping. Since TNT is focused so much on LA, I have lot of friends that hate to talk about NBA any more. It's getting so sad. I hope the commissioner will knock these stupid and disgusting TV stations.

  13. Free hong kong, revolution of our time.

  14. All these MF ain’t gonna show up in the post season lol

  15. And we all know damn well there will be so many new fans saying they been fans of the team they go for 😂
    I go for cavs even tho we ain’t the best but we faithful cav fans don’t give up on are Cavaliers 🙏🏽

  16. Celtics butthurt of al 😂😂

  17. Get my man a record deal for spitting those fire rhymes

  18. Crazy 😎👍 ©Bit Ray™ 2009

  19. Donovan had at least two better plays then you guys chose.

  20. I feel like one day luka doncic is gunna get great at basketball get bored and just leave lol

  21. Get NBA2k20 on Amazon now #nba

  22. Side note : That Derrick Jones was not a dunk and Mitchell traveled

  23. Holy fuck I had to cut you down and just watch the video silently.

  24. #1 – Kagami-kun!!??

  25. without the crowd reaction this is painful to watch

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