Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 6 featuring Zach LaVine, Ja Morant, Julius Randle and more!
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  1. Anzel Garcia Reply

    A A ron.. sorry it gets me everytime the goatmentator says it lmao

  2. Please can someone tell me whos behind the voice spitting barz much more amazing than the top play the guy is an epic

  3. King Dayahv Israel Reply

    "Buddy Hield BETTER LEARN HOW TO YIELD!!" He got all the sauce!

  4. Gregg Mirabueno Reply

    @1:17 Alternate comment would've been: "… But there's one Milwaukee Buck they might want to give a ***k.

  5. Jada Markkannen Reply

    The Tomas satoransky dunk in the Bulls vs Hawks game was great. Should be on the list.

  6. Sign this guy. He’s probably the only to release 3 albums a year

  7. Is it just me, or do yall get goosebumps when 🐐mentator drops those rhymes…

  8. Tom Cornelius Reply

    If you want a revolution, well LaVine has the solution. Man the underlying meaning behind this for bulls fans.

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