NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 29, 2019

NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 29, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 29 featuring Dennis Schroder, Rudy Gay Julius Randle and more!

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  1. JJ got pushed. Watch at 2:04. Bogus highlight.

  2. what's that AD's situation? why hachimura starts sideline out? and other guy showing muscle man ceremony lol.

  3. All of the fans see one player have one bad day: I could crush him. Teammates: You ain’t got a clue how good he is

  4. what about the alyup of Rondo to Howard

  5. love the way they dribble up and down the court

  6. Norm Powell outscored the whole Magic's team in a quarter 19 to 12 and nothing from that…foh

  7. The nba is still relevant? When did the season start? Top plays? You’re running up and down a court to put a ball into a hole.

  8. I'm not saying the Mitchell lob to Gobert is the most amazing play of the night but it deserves to be here more than some others.

  9. No Giannis? This shit is rigged

  10. All the new renovation of the home courts are nice.

  11. They put AD in the top 10 for getting blocked… yet no Giannis

  12. On the Number Two Play: GET OUT THE WAY FOR RUDY GAY

  13. this crazy 3 point shot from all over the court

  14. rondo's assist & the assist to adams are the $#!+

  15. Who’s a pelicans fan and doesn’t like Anthony Davis

    | `cause I am

  16. Bullshit…. They telling me that wack ass alley hoop was better than B. I SPIN MOVE AND DUNK…. I SWEAR THEY HATIN ON INGRAM!!!!!

  17. Some plays were 10/10 average. At its best. Meanwhile only Giannis had 2 monster plays for this list

  18. Stop putting pushoffs in the top plays!

  19. #2 and #1 should switch places imo.


  21. what about Ja Morants dunk against Utah?


  23. Yeah…. This is a weak top ten… DONT do that again nba!!…. don't do that.

  24. Schruder pushed reddick pretty hard on that stepback so idk bout that one….

  25. Hold up. The mavs have number 42 in use still. WHAT

  26. I love that this wasn't all dunks! Nice to see the rest of the game shown some love!

  27. 1:55 wtf, that was not legal.

  28. Giannis should have been here at least twice

  29. Gallinari lookin' like James Harden with that between-the-legs bounce pass off the pick-and-roll to Steven Adams (instead of Clint Capela)

  30. B.I. driving dunk with two hands should be number 1 by far.

  31. half of these plays shouldn't even be in here. so many other plays so much better. nba be always riding the same people

  32. Where's DeAndre Bembry's granny hook?

  33. Did dude really flex when he thought his block on AD was successful? 😂

  34. Of course, Lakers highlights but no raptors highlights again.

  35. This shit is weak, bunch of layups and midrange jumpers lol

  36. Here for Blazers highlights

  37. how bout jordan pooles pass to cauley stein?

  38. I feel bad for trae young… if he was on a decent team then they’d be so good with him

  39. What about ANY play from the Raptors 5th straight win last night against the Magic? Stormin Norman Powell had 33 points. This youtube channel is so biased against the Raptors it's ridiculous.

  40. d.booker deserves no.1 TBH

  41. Iho people the grizzled keep those unis,all year low key faf.

  42. This is weakest top 10 ever

  43. Bro y’all need to stop with the bullshit hyping up Doncic. Don’t get me wrong he is a generational talent but all he did was a spin move and a right hand layup and that’s top 10???

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