NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 27, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 27 featuring RJ Barrett, Malik Monk, Montrezl Harrell and more!
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  1. If we were as tall as big foot I think we could make it easy

  2. GOAT on Load Management?

  3. Plss subscribe to my channel

  4. I wish we had goatmentator all the time, but I wouldn’t mind if we get some impressivementator every now and then either 🙂

  5. what happened to the other top 10 page that did not have this guy over dubbing with his stupid comments.

  6. Dude when I saw the number 1 play I feel like number 4 play was a lot better like if u agree

  7. “All Toronto could on this one is grin and Barrett”🔥🔥

  8. Wtf with the number 7 🙄

  9. All the Toronto Raptors could do was grin a bear it! 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Giannis could dunk on his knees

  11. Improved-mentator activated

  12. This editing is getting sloppy nba…. real sloppy

  13. This top 10 needed more Laker Showtime

  14. i miss the lamentator.

  15. Anyone knows music playing in the background?

  16. Top 6… no respect to AIR CANADA

  17. 1:56 what the fuk is lavine doing there behind the pistons bench?

  18. Booker's Play of the Night? All I see is him fouling Hachimura… but ok?

  19. Is Booker's block a foul?

  20. Lately GSW has (always) been on the wrong side of these highlights.
    For a life-time fan, it's a tad painful to watch.

  21. 2nd behind goatmentator.

  22. If we were 9 feet tall and had had the wingspan of a ptherodactyl (1m) we would look pretty darn ridiculous.

  23. 1:54 Oh yea that's Jason Williams.

  24. Fuck Giannis for pushing Vince "Half Man Half Amazing" Cater

  25. I now pronounce thee as goodmentator

  26. Embiid took 3 steps… not impressed

  27. Rui Hashimura is fouled

  28. Booker lol, that's a clear foul if I've ever seen one

  29. booker fouled the shit outta hachimura

  30. すげぇ!!!

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