NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 25, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 25 featuring LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Trae Young and more!
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  1. lebron is chase down block king!!!

  2. 2019 and no 1080 and 60 fps…

  3. This top 10 was weak af. #1 should’ve been #10.


  5. LeBron dunk should of been higher

  6. Que pena por embii

  7. How doesn’t Porter Jrs two handed smash on two Nets players get on here?!

  8. Should have had Trae Young’s crossover snatchback stepback 3 on here too but can’t be mad, his behind the back pass made it at least

  9. Epic plays 💯👏

  10. Smh they really do haven’t on Melo

  11. Were are Boucher block on embid

  12. Did you not see Kevin Porter Jrs dunk🤔

  13. Ben Simmons makes passing and scoring look so easy but ends up with 4 points and 6 assists lol

  14. Word so we not gonna show the Kevin porter Jr dunk on 2 Nets or the two hand dunk on Tristan, smh shame shame NBA

  15. Chris Paul Trey haha 😂😂😂

  16. Siakam MIP? More like MVP

  17. Not a highlight but the Raptors shut down Joel. 0 points!

  18. The dude narrating the plays is so obnoxious

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  20. TOBAIS Get the Fummmmmmkkkeee <3 that brother got me leeennnnnneeeing

  21. Defense wins the day and it is the number 1 play

  22. His commentary is priceless

  23. I can’t believe I just got all the way to #1 for that 💩

  24. One of Jarrett Allen's dunks shouldve made it smh

  25. Jesus Christ. Ben’s vision

  26. Utah and Cleveland wearing the retro unis

  27. This guy is truly a wizard

  28. The goatmentator back at it! Love this dude’s commentary man.

  29. Missed another game you suck dude . Turner had 5 blocks last night and 1 looked better than your king james block 👊

  30. Wheres the block on the Greek freak? There's gotta be here even one of them..



  33. Yup this confirms aldrige should be traded.

  34. Sooooooo they didn’t put siakams last second dunk

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    Jai hind…

  36. great weakside help Lamarcus

  37. What happened to that melo dunk??

  38. If that was lebron who did the leonard dunk it would be number one

  39. Dude hes unreal with his commentary. Please never let this guy go or I'll boycott the NBA

  40. How was Lebron's block not a goal tend?? Woulda been a great block in International play though!

  41. Back to the block of Lebron James!!!! 😮😮🤩

  42. I've BEEN saying these people are biased against the Blazers I don't know why. Never put Blazers on shine.

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