NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 23, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 23 featuring LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Trae Young and more!
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  2. 1:09 Looking at Jabari, I believe he would legit shout that while dunking

  3. Clear double-dribbling by Lebron in number 9.

  4. Lebron managed to double dribble and travel in the same play but i guess he's too big to fail.

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  6. I love Lebron's fastbreak travels

  7. This commentator should do some load management… #BringBackGoatmentator

  8. A nice double dribble. How is that a highlight lol?

  9. 1:09 👀👀 that escalated quickly

  10. A bulls travel in that last one

  11. 0:17 Lebron travelled..

  12. #2 should’ve been #1.

  13. Lebron travelling or not ?

  14. Boom🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. I am a winner the 606,066 viewer
    oh snap!!

  16. They still don't call traveling in the NBA lol

  17. Labron traveling like usual.

  18. I agree with the picks👏💯

  19. Donyell Marshall hit 13 threes against the Knicks when he played for the raptors

  20. Joel Embiid pivot foot switched from right to left which got him a ticket to travelcity but he didn't cash it in

  21. 0:17 Isnt that an illegal dribble? LJ touches the ball and dribbles, then he got the ball with two hands, and then again started dribbling…

  22. 5 was literally nothing special

  23. There is nothing more satisfying than just completely disrespecting a dude and then immediately making eye contact with him without saying a word until you're certain he understands deep within his heart exactly what just happened. 😂

  24. Mitchell reminds me of Carter, especially no.2

  25. Donovan should have been #1 🚫🧢

  26. 0:17 notice how LeBron is about at half court but only takes one dribble. But yet he didn't travel

  27. That punk Monk's dunk had some funk

  28. Lavine is Traveling…..

  29. Bruh the refs be letting these mfs get away with hella steps to the rim smh

  30. 0:18 Lebron almost forgot to ball

  31. Donovan Mitchell deserves #1 no doubt!

  32. I wanted to see the football play to Lebron zac Levine did his thing

  33. BULLS DID THE IMPOSSIBLE. We making history now.

  34. I mean.. C'mon.. Lavine? REFS? Should we count those steps together??

  35. Lebron doubled and traveled 😂

  36. finally a good top 10

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