NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | November 22, 2019

Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Nov. 22 featuring Maxi Kleber, Rudy Gobert, LeBron James and more!
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  1. What about hardens double teamed and 1 step back 3?

  2. Half of these players I don’t even know 😂😂

  3. Lakers come back agian.

  4. How do you not have Mitchell’s crossover?

  5. No nets no HOUSTON no clippers

  6. 0:30 when Jimmy doesn't play for the bulls anymore 🙁

  7. Harden crossup unexistent

  8. "Maxi Klebbbber bringing up the flavor!" One of the best rhymes in this highlight plays 👌👌👌

  9. I want Goatmentator on my Birthday party

  10. These guy's rhymes are so damn good to listen

  11. #10 should be #1. Thank you.

  12. James harden body of Pat Beverly and PG-13 should have been number 1!

  13. Why was jimmy butlers steal, and dunk on here? Lol mf did the most traditional basketball shit ever. SN: Jeff green been on EVERY nba team, and don’t do shit to help no body lol

  14. English is not my native language, I reckon goatmentator's NBA top 10 should be used by every school as English learning material.

  15. Where’s the 1 hand lebron wise receiver catch at😵😵🥴

  16. is codie zeller a distant relative of alex caruso?

  17. Should of had hardens 3 on Paul George and Beverly with the and one that should of been the number one play of the night no doubt about it

  18. I love lebron but that wasn't the top play. This top 10 looking kinda biased🤨

  19. if dr suess was an announcer

  20. that block by eric shouldve been #1

  21. Are we ignoring the fact, that Blake just got by because he hit the defenders nuts intentionally?

  22. dude had rhymes and chose his own music as it seems. Number one should have been something else though.

  23. Claber with the flavor 😂

  24. Top 10 plays of the night in the NBA, is better than the yearly highlights of the WNBA.

  25. "Take to the air mon frere, that's Rudy way up there!"

  26. Where was LeBron's one handed driving dunk?

  27. Tri) yesterday ben Simmons was here… Today Harden breaking pat bev ankles its not wow

  28. Blake should have be given No. 1 spot.

  29. My guy Davis Bertans is always in these top 10 plays… as the guy who gets posterized smh

  30. Jesus christ how do the Nets get shafted on a nightly basis. Fucking joke. doesn't care about Brooklyn.

  31. so harden's 4 point play on beverley isn't on here and kawhi's game winner isn't on here but the mediocre tip pass from AD is number 1?! wow

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