NBA 2K20 TOP 10 PLAYS #8 RARE Posters, Ankle Breakers & More

NBA 2K20 Top 10 Plays of the Week episode 8. Rare Posterizers, Park Layups, Snatch blocks and more.
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How To Send In A Clip!
PS4 Users: Use Share Factory & Upload to YouTube “Unlisted”
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To Submit your clip on YouTube:
1. Upload an HD clip Unlisted (instead of Public or Private)
2. Title it “(Your Name) for ShakeDown2012’s Top 10” ex: “Tim for ShakeDown2012…” Specify Top 10 Dunks, Blocks, Crossovers etc.
3. You can submit more than one HD clip
4. Remove the Circle by Holding LB & RB (L1 or R1) in instant replay
5. Send the Clip to
TIP: Play it in Regular Motion.
TIP: Show at least 3 angles.
TIP: PS4, XB1 or PC only.
TIP: No cell phone or camera captured footage.
TIP: No Montages Please. Separate your clips.

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  1. Shake cmon man, I’m assuming you hoop…I don’t know if you do but you putting unrealistic plays in the top 10 lol like yo that 2 hand block was the best one and a couple others but the rest are kid like and unrealistic and I understand it’s a game but still

  2. Number 2 and 1 had the magic 8 ball 🎱

  3. Number 7 he can alomst touch the top of the rim🤔

  4. Swear to God these slasher builds are the most disgusting and nooby builds this year literally all they do is press is one button

  5. Crazy U can still find content for this trash game

  6. I have a question? Why is it every time I foul a superstar playing out of the game? The game goes crazy and start shaving points from me. I start missing WIDE OPEN SHOTS AND LAY UPS. IS MIKE WANG GOT THE GAME GLITCHING🤔

  7. yoooo thanks for putting my clip in shakedown!!

  8. Is it me or is shake playin that def jam fight for ny music

  9. Yo that block was "OP" Mos Def🤣

  10. Same shit every week…boring 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Yo shake and everyone here check out my montages on my page. By the way your videos are the best. I'm trying to grow my page. I been playing 2k since Dreamcast and it has came along way.

  12. This game is really a different breed of ass

  13. I love the slow mo audio too lol

  14. For real 2k need to add fights lol

  15. My favorite part about my slasher build is getting jump over a person dunks and after dunking the walking over them, it’s like the disrespect for getting put on the floor wasn’t enough

  16. I got vids. Post mines

  17. Uhhhhhhhhh badge update question mark?

  18. On the 6th one, how can u be a slasher with cold spots IN THE PAINT

  19. Hot damn, I actually made it 😂 #8. My reaction was wack asf coz everyone was sleeping in the house 💩 I was tryna be quiet..

  20. I wanna know that giannis build

  21. "This was no isolated incident!" Lmao

  22. 1:31 look at where his fucking head is lmaoooo

  23. TROLLS V2 is using the DEMIGOD GLITCH

  24. Maybe another top ten tomorrow?

  25. Do u have Facebook so I can show u this video

  26. I’m watching this when there are 2K likes lol

  27. On god im finna like this comment💯

  28. What sucks on number 8 is that the center had rim protect activated bruh🤧🤧🤧 it’s suppose to buff the rim protection to legendary status. Bs💯😂

  29. 0:51 he on X games mode

  30. Nah number 4 should be number 1

  31. Hey shake! Would you put a video in your top 10 in which the person did a top play on you?

  32. How was that spin 360 Giannis dunk not the top play?

  33. why don’t yu post mine?

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