From Kurt Busch’s incredible win in the first-ever NASCAR Playoffs to Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr. tangling at Martinsville, we count down the top 10 most memorable postseason moments.
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  1. Chrome Diesel Reply

    Elimination Playoff is a complete joke. 2015 is undeserving with Kyle Busch miss nearly half season.

  2. Nathan Whitt Reply

    When Keselowski slammed into Gordon that killed his chance of winning the championship🤷🏼‍♂️. Plain and simple.

  3. I still can’t believe that Kyle Busch won the championship after not even being there half of the season. Shouldn’t have been eligible. should have been Jeff Gordon!!!

  4. Jacob Evenson Reply

    Logano will probably always be the least deserving champion in cup history. Ran ok throughout the season, only got in to homestead because he tried to wreck Truex, and partially did (He would have been out if there was no "win and your in" bullshit). If it was straight points he wouldn't have even been on the top 5 in the standings.

  5. zac warmkessel Reply

    2015 title that Kyle shouldn't have been able to win for missing half the year

  6. zac warmkessel Reply

    Ah 2014 when Brad made the stupidest move in nascar history

  7. Dopey NightlifeTV Reply

    I hope the 78s 2017 championship season is on this list if it ain't uma be disappointed. 2019 Chase Elliott will be celebrating his first championship at homestead.

  8. AllaboutheWaves Reply

    Jimmie Johnson will be the last driver to win 4 in a row. I seriously don’t see it happening again. We’ve seen Harvick, Busch, Keselowski, and Harvick win 3 in a row but it’s hard to win 4 in a row.

  9. Mysterious623 Reply

    What cost the 24 in 2014 wasn’t the hit by Keselowski but they didn’t change the tire in quick enough. If they didn’t go a lap down they would’ve had a chance.

  10. “He won the battle, he ain’t winning the damn war. I’m gonna win it.”

    proceeds to let Logano drive right around him at Homestead

  11. Denny Hamlin Fan 11 Reply

    The most amazing finish was Jeff Gordon winning for the last time @ Martinsville 2015.

  12. Tana Raines Reply

    The most memorable moment will be when they get rid of this flukey playoff shit

  13. Cameron Goodwin Reply

    can we take a sec to look at the fact that jimmie winning his 7th title isn't number one lol…. what will be remembered in 50 years, these one championship drivers or someone who is part of the big 3?

  14. Where was the feud and 3 race battle between Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano that one year

  15. Robert Branning Reply

    It's a sin that Newman's move at Phoenix in 2014 is not on this list

  16. Roger Plott Jr Reply

    Jimmie should not have won that 7th championship. NASCAR Screwed Carl Edwards hard with their phantom caution at the end of that race trying to create ratings…..Carl beat the competition but couldn't beat the Powers That Be.

  17. Forrest Robbins Reply

    …. playoffs are garbage. Nascar has turned into the laughing stock of Motorsports

  18. Canderson488 Reply

    This video was great, but Kyles “title” doesn’t belong in there. He didn’t deserve it after starting half way or so through the season. What a joke!!!

  19. Salvador Rascon Reply

    Logano 2016:crash edwards in homestead and losing championship
    Logano 2017: no wins = no playoffs

  20. Daniel Ashworth Reply

    Low key the whole Texas 2014 was Gordon's fault. He came down into Brad. But when a Hendrick driver is mad, it's never their fault. Remember that.

  21. Ethan Schmid Reply

    5:10 Top Gear UK’s Richard Hammond was there at Texas that year when Tony Stewart won the race!

  22. Gabriel Anderson Reply

    Great unsung moment is when Edwards wrecked out at homestead which lead to Jimmy getting the title. Carl walked to Loganos pit box (Logano and him had made contact in his incident) and the commentators thought he was gonna fight and he just walked up and shook their hands and tapped his chest and said "that's my bad". Carl is the best driver to not win a title. Great dude overall

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