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  1. Heather Mackenzie Reply

    https://youtu.be/ZwHVdwbxY0I I am pretty sure this channel steals your videos.

  2. Michelle Griffith Reply

    Love your work!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Had to mute though….
    That is not relaxing spa music! Hahahaha!!!

  3. Any relation to Húóng Acne Treatment? Or is this person trying to come up on her searches? I like this person’s work, but…idk, seems awfully coincidental to me. I’m just a huge fan of the original.

  4. Practically perfect Reply

    Brilliant, the picture quality was so much better. Thank you 😊🥰🤗

  5. Patricia Sanchez Reply

    Please slow down so camera person can keep up with you ☺️

  6. mindy fussner Reply

    Awesome! You never disappoint. Your videos are so good! 👍😊❤️

  7. Gemini Tarot Reply

    Heyyyy Hu'o'ng 🙋 💜😘 thank you for an excellent video 👍👏 nice clean extractions! Well done honey. Sending blessings to you from Chicago 💜💋

  8. That was pure satisfaction! You are so skilled! Thank you.

  9. Julie Skelton Reply

    That was great. You are so gentle with that knife. A lot of other people could learn from you! Thank you 👏👏👍👍

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