My Top 10 True Wireless Earbuds

Buy Them Here:
-Sony WF-1000XM3:
-Sennheiser Momentum:
-1More Stylish:
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-Mifo O5 Pro:
-Sabbat E12:
-Tiamat Titan:
-Tranya T3:
-Jlab Jbuds Air Icon:
-Aukey T10:
-Creative Outlier Air:

Keep in mind I have not tried every true wireless earbud available so let me know which ones you like or which ones I should check out. Also this is “MY LIST”, understand that everyone has different taste and that’s ok.

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Original Reviews:
-JlabJbuds Air Icon:
-Aukey T10:
-Tranya T3:
-Sony WF-1000XM3:
-Tiamat Titan II:
-Mifo O5 Pro:
-1More Stylish:
-Creative Outlier Air:
-Sabbat E12:


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  1. Most awaited video, great review

  2. I was hoping that you would say something about the microphones on these being a truck driver people need to be able to hear me also it only sounded like one of them has a noise counselor maybe you could do review on earbuds that have noise cancellers let us know which one has the best microphone and Surround awareness that would be awesome but I did like this video thank you thumbs up

  3. Listening this video with my Jlab Icons 💯

  4. Its ip67 with the digets said seperetly that's because they mean different things this is true for all ip ratings

  5. Gamesky: here are the shudxb hdhdbx, they have the best bass I’ve ever heard.

    Also gamesky: here are the bdudbx xhdbxhx, they have the best bass hands down.

    Lol, you recommend all earbuds. 😂

  6. I like Sony XM3s, waiting for the price to drop 🙂

  7. What is the black watch your wearing in this video?

  8. Make video on best bass tws

  9. So much information, well produced, scripted, edited, Man i love your videos..

  10. Price difference from #3 to #2 is $200 🤣 and the #3 pick has a channel sponsored discount code. Come on man, you lost me with that one.

  11. Great review as always. I have a question… is there any other truly wireless ear buds besides the Jlab air executive that has something comparable to the Be Aware audio ? I'm thinking of purchasing the Jlab Executives, but wanted to ask you first. Still trying to stay in the same price range as well. Thanks in advance .

  12. what about jabra elite 65T

  13. How come mezone didnt make the list

  14. Hi. the Mifo 05 is where I want to go thanks for the review but where did you get the blue version as all the other ones I can find are silver with 2 different colours on them. Thanks

  15. I got the T3's today. They sound good and bump. I still haven't yet scan the box for the TRANYA APP. I sure hope it has a EQ on the app..I guess I will hear soon enough.

  16. Would be nice if you could update at least the list to be up to date. Because u made quite many videos about true wireless earbuds

  17. Is it any without delay? I want use it for gaming

  18. So, I’m looking for some ear bud, let me ask you guys something, what’s your opinion between galaxy buds, creative outlier, aukey t10 and the jabra 65t?
    Which one do you think is the best and with less latency?

  19. I just ordered the Tranya T3. I had credit on Amazon can't wait to hear them.

  20. i got the mifo O5. really good with a really great phone quality.

  21. Please review blueant pump air 2

  22. I'm still looking for other options other than Creative Outlier

  23. Jaybird Vistas to me are number 1
    I got mine yesterday and they are amazing!!!

  24. Anything on Nakamichi

  25. @Gamesky, are you from New Orleans? I can hear a little accent in there.

  26. Thank you for this vídeo!

  27. No surprise that 1000XM3s are on top. They are great

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