My top 10 foundations ranked

Here are my top 10 foundations ranked. This video includes only liquid foundations. I’ll do a specific one for stick foundations and for BB- and CC-creams.
The foundation I’m wearing in this video is a new one. The review of it is coming soon!
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List of my foundation and concealer shade matches:
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Random stuff:
– Why my hands tremble? I have a disease that causes it
– What’s the name of my cat? Miru
– Where do I live? In Helsinki, Finland
– Motto: Tomorrow you’ll be sorry for not starting today
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  1. Those foundations mentioned are so good.. I want to try it too… I personally love Korean foundation so I like the Tony Moly ☺️

  2. "No filters, no rules, just fun"
    I love it Merit!!! 👌👍😘

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