hope you guys liked this video !!! love u guys

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  1. Why does she have a new boyfriend like every 3 weeks? 🤔

  2. Isaak is not for you
    Johny is for you

  3. make a video that u show ur dance moms vids to isaak!!

  4. Omg!They are actually together!!!😲

  5. Omg it’s popko from fuller house bruh I did not know they were dating but I low key ship them

  6. What happened to Johnny Orlando

  7. he is so cute when he says he really doesn't want to hurt her omg relationship goals

  8. at 7:59 omg they are so cute

  9. Iv has one before but he liked the most popular girl😒

  10. people who haven’t left dance moms: “OMG SHE KISSED A BOY I THOUGHT SHE WAS JUST LIKE SIX!!!”

    me: ok dance moms is one world, reality is another

  11. This is how many people like his Mack up job👇

  12. Make a video with Annie and Asher

  13. That's the egg!
    -Isaak 2019

  14. Isn’t that they guy from stuck in the middle

  15. I’m latterly singing the stuck in the middle theme song rn y’all are so cute together I love yall❤️😂

  16. this video is calling me single for 13:06 straight

  17. Are you guys still together

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