Mụn Nhiều Qúa Nặn Không Hết – Many Blackheads Are Removed From The Face – Spa Loan [HD]

Siêu Mụn Lớn Qúa Trời Nặn Mãi Mới Được – Remove Big Acne On Face – Sapa Loan Nguyen – YouTube
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When you come to Spa Loan Nguyen, You dont need too concern about blackheads, whiteheads ang so on, Just need a little seconds we will help you remove all of it. we are able to bring back for you pretty face skins.
Well come to Sapa Loan Nguyen to bring back your beaitifu skins. Thanks all of you.
Videas belong by Spa Loan Nguyen

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  1. Those fingernails— UGH. Cut them and put gloves on! I hate to think what this person’s skin developed because of those dirty nails…

  2. I am shocked that you did not have gloves on!🧤🧤🧤

  3. No gloves, dirty nails? Not your usual standard! 😔

  4. You need to use that nailclipper for what it is supposed to be doing, cut those nasty nails! 🤢

  5. Oh my god I'm amazed! I could watch her pull stuff out off the tip of a persons nose for house! Pleeeaasseeeee make just a nose compilation video!!!

  6. The dirty nails though

  7. Your videos are entertaining and your technique sure gets the pore contents out…but often not all of it. And you skip all over the face leaving obvious pores in real need. Surely you don’t leave those pores for another time?!?? That would do a huge disservice to your paying customer. Working quickly but only cleaning a few pores is not quality workmanship.

  8. Hello everyone!
    So I didn't like working on the nose either, without the gloves…
    However, I may have an explanation…
    I discovered another and new (for me) beautician, who posts exactly the same videos as Loan… No difference!!!!! And I saw this morning, in the middle of her video, a pretty young girl doing extractions for more realism surely!
    So, I thought that Loan without his gloves was just to prove that she was the real owner of the videos!
    What do you say????

  9. What no gloves? Disgusting!

  10. I don’t like seeing all those dirty grease blackheads on their gloves instead put on gauze instead. Also I would like to see before and after photos of acne treatments

  11. No gloves, Gross

  12. Those fingernails !! Can't watch anymore!

  13. Was ok until it switched to the boring nose work. It's like watching paint dry.

  14. Awful job! This girls pores are so dirty. She needs a good scrub, exfoliate and someone with clean fingernails!

  15. This cannot possibly be Loanne?

  16. Good video but the nasty nails and no gloves were distracting.

  17. Awesome video. Thank you for the upload. The nose was so cool, I couldn’t take my eyes off the nose procedure. Can’t wait for the next nose video. Just LOVE YOU GUYS. GOD BLESS

  18. Please, if you can’t wear gloves, at least clean your nails. I’m horrified 😱

  19. Do not pick pick pick the nose, just squeeze will be much quicker.

  20. Can you bring us back this nose with full extract and 20min video ? Please lol

  21. Noooo…those toxic-looking fingernails…until now everything on this channel had been faultless….

  22. Had to stop watching at 4:59 those nasty fingernails grossed me out.

  23. Nice manicure! But, why bother wearing only one glove? Especially when the gloves hand holds the cuticle tokl. The hand that constantly touches your client's face is bare. (The nose job was cool!)

  24. Cool procedure on the nose, but why no gloves??? That one nail already has a fungus. For the sake of health, please wear gloves every time!

  25. I didn't much like dirty nail and no gloves

  26. Another good video. Thank you for sharing your incredible work.💓

  27. WOW LOAN nhìn vào số thuê bao của bạn! Điều đó thật tuyệt vời với gần 60 nghìn người đăng ký và bạn có hơn 1 nghìn lượt thích trên video này chỉ trong 3 ngày. Bạn đang làm rất tốt Tôi rất mừng cho bạn.

  28. Those green nails are lovely!

  29. Nasty finger nails. Cut them and wear gloves please.

  30. No gloves, Dirty fingernails..disgusting!👎👎👎.

  31. Okay until the nose and no gloves!1

  32. i noticed a lot of Milia under the skin, you did a great job extracting what you could, like always great JOb!

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