MTG Top 10: Snow

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  1. The added production polish and your flavor lines are awesome. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly like your lists any more.

  2. The animations and other effects are especially nifty this time. Cool stuff!

  3. If Snow permanents making colorless mana used the Snow Mana symbol, they'd confuse people a different way – people might think that colored snow mana is not actually snow mana, because it's not the symbol. I don't think there's a better way to handle it htan the reminder "{s} can be paid with one mana from a snow permanent" or perhaps "{s} is mana of any color produced by a Snow permanent"

  4. Dark Depths can go off turn two actually

  5. I continue to be impressed by you upping your quality man! Lots of respect for your dedication

  6. Mouth of Ronom comes in as number 10

  7. and where it's Scrying Sheets??

  8. The new printing of Dark Depths is reworded so that you can sacrifice it pretty much right away if you have 10 or more snow permanents in play at the end of the turn you put it in (if I'm not mistaken)

  9. Im like slightly disappointed that this isn’t coming on December 21st, first day of winter ya know?

  10. Was the number 10 on Mouth of Ronom intentional? 5:10
    Is it a joke I didn't get?

  11. The Snow-covered basics are the real #1

  12. Banned and Restricted video!!!!! 🙂

  13. But I would like to pet the dog.

  14. Thanks man! Probably my number one favorite "type", besides my precious Ornithopters and Ghoat Ships. Snow always makes me happy!

  15. 1:22 now there's some artwork I'd like to see actually printed Nizzahon!!! The ice around the edges is wicked sweet!!

  16. Snow-covered island should be #1, for obvious reasons.

  17. I'll never get sick of these cool top tens.

  18. The production value boost to this series is insane.

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