Luka Doncic is a top 10 NBA player RIGHT NOW – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose reacts to Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic’s impressive 41-6-10 performance against James Harden and the Houston Rockets.
#NBA #JalenandJacoby
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  1. Is Luka Doncic a top 10 player in the NBA right now?

  2. the system in US can't produce a player like Luka. Fundementals are frowned upon, Americans all about the muscles, big bodies, high flying legs, bbc or whatever..

  3. Luka is TOP 5 no debating. He’s Definitely top 2 and he’s not 2.

  4. Lukas is a phenomenal player …it's a pity he will grow in Giannis shadow!

  5. Giannis
    Kawhi Leonard
    James Harden
    Luka Doncic
    Nikola Jokic
    Damian Lillard

  6. Luka,Kawhi and SIakm are now top players in nba

  7. The word I don’t hear anyone use for Luka is finesse… he isn’t as athletic as most of the greatest players but his finesse is nearly unmatched in the league

  8. 1. Giannis 2. Luka 3. Le Bron 4. Harden 5. Leonard

  9. Oh…geez "1-16 Seating" NOW…..please🤯

  10. Luka is out there having fun, he's enjoying the game the way it's supposed to be enjoyed! That goes a long way.


  12. Top10???! Name 9 players better than him? He Top 5 no doubt

  13. No he is not a top 10 player

    He's top 5

  14. He's at the end of top 5 bruh stop it

  15. Honestly he’s Top 5 this season, maybe even top 3 if he keeps this up.

  16. I'm just annoyed my team didn't get Luka

  17. This new era is not Basketball players can carry the ball travel and there is no perimeter defenders that’s not professional basketball that’s a product of politics

  18. I can’t believe he made the nba proof this new era is not too good at all

  19. American players are not required to go to college. They can decide to move to another country at like 13-14 the way Luka did.

  20. Best player in league rn

  21. Nobody is stoping american talent going to europe. Its their stupid decision and we see how many pay for this stupidity.

  22. Only players better than him are Giannis, Lebron, Kawhi and Harden. He is definetly top 5.

  23. He's better than Jalen Rose that's for sure.

  24. Who cares about this commie sport.

  25. As of right now he's top 5

  26. BTW ITS NOT HIS SECOND SEASON. its his second season IN THE NBA. This guy is a professional basketball player since 16 years old. Wake up and start giving credit to European basketball.

  27. Everyone gotta stop with that "hes been playing with men" excuses…hes still 20 years old…there's a mental maturity most American 20 year olds don't have…and that's the difference!

  28. Luka VS the klaw super dual!!! Can't wait for tonight's game😎

  29. Dončić took Slovenia, a country with two million people, to the European championship. He brought Madrid to the Euroleague title, taking MVP title in the process. And now he is taking Dallas to the NBA championship.

  30. I remember when it was a question if doncic was better than Ben Simmons I think he’s proved it as Simmons will be an all star but never a mvp imo

  31. He was top 10 last year too!

  32. I wanna see a game Team USA against team Europe
    Lillard,Harden,The Claw,LBJ,Davies vs Dragic, Bogdanovic, Luka Magic, Greek God, The Joker

  33. He’s top 3 right now, Lebron, giannis and Luka

  34. Think about this. He is only in his SECOND year in the league and ONLY 20 years old. So, that means his ceiling is unlimited and in only 31 minutes

  35. averaging 30/10/10 with 57% effective field goal….top 10? more like top 3.

  36. Sorry if maverick get 2/3rd seed he gotta be MVP

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