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Monoline Script Font

Hey guys! In this tutorial I am showing you a method used to create a liquid-like effect for you lettering work. As mentioned at the start of the video, this isn’t the only way to create this kind of effect, this is just how I did it. The idea for this originated from when I saw a blog post tutorial showing you how to create a water effect, however, after following all of the steps, the end result didn’t look too great and wasn’t really what I was looking for, so, using different methods and techniques I have learnt over the years of using photoshop, I branched off about half way through the tutorial and started experimenting by myself to see if I could figure out a way to get the sort of effect I was striving for. I finally came up with a process I think works fairly well and gave me the result I was looking for.
Hopefully this tutorial has taught you a thing or two that you didn’t already know, and if you have any questions at all, just post a comment below and I will get back to you asap.
As always, if you use this tutorial and post the results on social media, please feel free to tag me as I love seeing what you guys come up with!

If you have any suggestions or requests for any tutorials, post them in the comments below.
Take it easy guys!

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  1. Ste Bradbury Design Reply

    Monoline Script is available here –

  2. Blacksmith Game Reply

    I'm 2 years late commenting but to anyone who may be interested – using this tutorial i discovered, to get a milky effect for your liquid (thicker, less reflective) use plaster instead of chrome from the filter gallery – works like a treat. thank you for this tutorial!

  3. Michele deadwyler Reply

    every rime I go to rasturize a brush with a little dot in the middle of it takes the place of the picture in the layers box on the lower right hand side?

  4. Qbert_ SyFy Reply

    Oh yeah and don't forget guys, the price for the font is $15 !!!!

  5. Rayn Produces Reply

    What version of PS is being used here? Lighting Effects is not an option for me.

  6. Ange de Larue Reply

    How would you do with a background that wouldn't be neutral ?? Like a photo or something that would not be just one color ????
    Thank's for your tuto dude 😉

  7. Aimee Brookes Reply

    Hi! Is there any way of making the 'liquid' a colour? for instance I am trying o make it look like cola but not have a brown background


    Before Lightning Effects, convert the text into smart object! No idea why he can just rasterize it but for me it didn't work.
    Converting to Smart Object and then using Lightning Effects -> Chrome Effect worked like a charm.

  9. Hector Diaz M Reply

    Hi, I have a question basically I have exactly the same until you go to Filter Gallery when I try to do the chrome it just gets black. Any tips? I'm working with 8bit and even the same font but for some reason it's not working! Help

  10. Kyle Bowman Reply

    I get to the point where you use the filter gallery and select Chrome, but previews as plain black, then when I click ok, nothing happens.

  11. Simon Navia Reply

    How did you get the motion blur on your mouse? Great the videos btw.

  12. Betty Pickle Reply

    Doesnt work after filter render lighting effects. Need to make a new video with up to date software.

  13. Vaitea Ah-Sha Reply

    How can you reproduce the same effect in Illustrator? Is it possible? Absolutely love this tutorial btw!!

  14. SammyLegacy Reply

    Love this so much, any thoughts for how to do this effect but for an opaque liquid like orange juice? Think there must be a way to use the shading and highlights and apply it to a solid colour version of the text? If you have any ideas please reply thanks 🙂

  15. Awesome tutorial! Only thing I don't understand is, why my result after using the render filter is super pixelated, even though the size of my image is A2. Any ideas how to get a higher resolution?

  16. Hi Ste, do you handwrite all your lettering beforehand? What do you do to make the digitalised version so clean? If there is a tutorial on the process I would love to watch it. Thanks. Awesome work btw!

  17. shilpa singh Reply

    brother you are toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast to follow !!

  18. Christopher Reply

    Great tutorial. I want to put this up on my website. How do I pull the letters/words off while maintaining the gradient colors I used?

  19. Milica Markovic Reply

    Really useful for what I'm working on now. Thank you very much for explaining, easy to follow and I like it that way lol! I'm happy with the result, now hopefully the client will like it as well. 🙂

  20. Michelle Yip Reply

    Hi!! It 's a great video!!
    But the "lighting effects" is greyed out…and i can't find the answer why. Can you help???

  21. Foxuniverso Reply

    Imitated all 100% and i regret to say it looks awful :l
    I think ima quit this water txt bs

  22. Nicole Langford Reply

    ive been changing settings for awhile now, but Im on the last couple steps. I am struggling to get a hard edge on some of the parts.. its very.. glowy and white. No crisp edges anymore. Do yo have any idea where this could of happened?

  23. as you said, i clicked blue copy in the lighting effect . however, it didn't turn into 3D 🙁 . It turned black.. Can you tell me the reason why? Thank for your all the nice video!!

  24. raditya marzuki Reply

    Awesome.. Can i use a smart filter? so i don't have to duplicate the image?

  25. 8th Wonder Beats Reply

    @Ste Bradbury Design I am following you to a T but its not giving me the Lighting Effects Option under Render.What should I do?

  26. Kefa - Gaming Reply

    Hey do you create Logos for other peoples? (for some money)
    LG Kefa

  27. MoroccanAnwar Reply


  28. Shamant Bagrecha Reply

    Hey! could you make a tutorial on how you made your opening video

  29. Hi SB. Can you kindly make a tuturial on had-lettering shadowing like the one in the url that I am sending you :

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