Learn MSBI ( Microsoft Business Intelligence ) in 4 days ( SSIS , SSAS and SSRS)

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Below is the full syllabus of Lear MSBI in 4 days videos

Lab 1 :- BI Life cycle , Data flow , control flow , error viewing and ETL Demo

Lab 2 :- Error handling , Conditional and data conversion.Trailer

Lab 3 :- For loop,Debugging , variables and parameters. Trailer

Lab 4:- Packaging and Deployment, File component and running SSIS package as a task. Trailer

Lab 5: – For dimension, measures, star schema, snow flake, shared connection managers & packages tasks. Here is the trailer for the video

Lab 6:- For Slowly Changing dimensions Type 1 & Type 2 With and Without Historical data. Trailer

Lab 7 for Lookups , Optimizing datatype conversion & how to update changes in MSBI. Here is the trailer for the video

Lab 8:- Sort, Merge and Merge joins to combine data from different data sources and create a Merged data.

Lab 9 :- Creating SSAS Cube ( 30 minutes) Trailer

Lab 10 :- SSAS Time series and Excel display of SSAS Cube.

Lab 11 :- Transaction and Checkpoints in MSBI. For trailer

Lab 12 :- Creating a simple SSRS report and implementing Matrix,Tabular,Parameters,Sorting,Expressions in SSRS

Lab 13:- Using Data Profiling task to check data quality (20 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 14:- Dimension Hierarchies (SSAS) (30 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 15 :- Webservice and XMLTask component. (15 Minutes)

Lab 16:- DrillDown and Subreports (20 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 17:- SSAS KPI (Key Performance indicators)(15 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 18:- Pivot, UnPivot and Aggregation (20 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 19 :- SSAS Calculation. (30 Minutes)

Lab 20:- SQL Execute Task (30 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 21:- Reference and Many-to-Many Relationship(30 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 22 :- Script Task and Send Mail Task(15 Minutes)

Lab 23:- Script component (SSIS)(45 Minutes)

Lab 24 :- Bar charts , Pie charts and Gauge report(20 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 25 :- SSAS Partitions (30 Minutes) Trailer

Lab 26:- CDC (Changed Data Capture) in SSIS. (35 Minutes)Trailer

Lab 27:- Additive, Semiadditive and non-additive measures in SSAS.(15 Minutes)

Lab 28:- Buffer Size Tuning (SSIS).Trailer

Lab 29:-How to impliment Multithreading in SSIS? Trailer

Lab 30 :- SSAS Cube background Processing. (Trailer)

Lab 31 :- Asynch and Blocking SSIS components. (Trailer)

Lab 32 :- SSRS Architecture and Deployment

Lab 33 :- DQS( Data Quality Services ) Trailer

Lab 34 :- Tabular Model and Power Pivot (SSAS) Trailer

Lab 35 :- MDX (Multidimensional Expressions) Queries. Trailer

Lab 36 :- Data Mining (Fundamentals and Time Series Algorithm).Trailer

Lab 37 :- Page Split and Performance issues with (SSIS). Trailer

Lab 38 :- Aggregations in SSAS.(Trailer)

Lab 39 :- ROLAP . MOLAP and HOLAP. (Trailer)

Lab 40 :- Instrumentation using Data Taps (SSIS).

Lab 41:- Lookup caching modes and Cache Transform.

Lab 42: – Perspectives & Translations.

Lab 43 :- Tabular Training 1 :- Installation, Xvelocity, Vertipaq, DAX,Creating cubes,measures, KPI, Partition and Translation?

MSBI doubt session 1 :- SSAS Multi dimensional cube deployed on Tabular issue.

Learn MSBI Step by Step.

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  1. This is BI 101….very clear explanation, in under one hour i have learnt so much. Thank you

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  6. I tried this tutorial while linking flat file to ado.net I'm getting error as "component ADO.NET Source has no inputs, or all of its inputs are already connected to other outputs. you may be able to edit the component to add new inputs to it." Anyone please help me

  7. bahut badiya please make more videos
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  8. Amazing tutorial man got me excited for my future with data development and warehousing

  9. Anyone facing the error of Unicode to non-unicode conversion ?

  10. I enjoyed the video but it is such a shame I have to pay to watch the rest of it :/

  11. Can I go to the party on the Monday?…

  12. you're a great teacher. I like how you break the concepts down to bits to make it easy to understand. I like how you use diagrams to explain the flow. I like how you repeat yourself in places where you think we may have missed the concept.

  13. Thank you very much. This is excellent!

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  16. Is this similar to data engineering or data developer?

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    Thanks sir ji.

  18. is this need any coding language

  19. This explanation is so clear and comprehensive. Thank you and wish you All The Best !

  20. Can any other file types be used ? delimited or tab separated ?

  21. Excellent Session, very usefull. 🙂

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