Kim Jae Hwan is the Main Vocalist of National Idol ‘Wanna One'!! [The King of Mask Singer Ep 150]

Was Kim Jae Hwan that good at singing?!

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  1. jaehwan's voice is the vo i will never forget

  2. i love his voice you are kinggggggg

  3. I miss "All I wanna do Wanna one" 🙂

  4. wanna one will never end ^_^

  5. Still love kim jaehwan 😍

  6. Our uri-main everything 🥰🥰

  7. Was Kim Jae Hwan that good at singing?!yessssssssssssssssss his voice is wonderful

  8. Anyone know where I can watch the video for 00:31

  9. Oh my good,so good,love you kim jaehwan

  10. 7 months after disbandment I'm still here watching all wanna one video wanna one what you've done to me 🖤🌟💖

  11. Jaehwan is the most confident idol I knew. Calling himself as a main vocal, main dancer, main visual and also main rapper hahahha but actually he's a humble person

  12. omg i can't wait to see seungwoo comes out on this show

  13. Amazing how much he improve… i thought he doesn’t have a company back then

  14. i miss him and wanna one bye im crying an ocean

  15. imissyou jaehwan! 😍

  16. and i'm missing wanna one :"

  17. ebrehbadehhh go search "BEGIN AGAIN"MV😌😍 if your in 2019!!😍😌😌😉😊😄😅

  18. A Legend oncr said:


  19. All I Wanna Do, Wanna One. miss this word

  20. Love jae hwan ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. I am fell so bad ,♡~♡😢

  22. Was he that good at singing?

    OMG I love this comment! It shows that he's really great in singing! 😍🎉💖❣️🍑

  23. Him revealing his face means he lost???
    How can Jaehwan lose in a singing competition? I've hardly seen anyone better than him in Kpop though!

  24. Kim Jjaeni our all main😂💖

  25. Kim Jjaeni our all main😂💖

  26. Its not available in the Philippines whyyyyy 😢💔

  27. what's the title of this song 0:31

  28. We know he can't win this show just because of Wanna One's tight schedule back then, right?

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