Joker 2 Announcement Breakdown – TOP 10 WTF Questions

Joker 2 Announcement, TOP 10 Questions. New DC Black Label Justice League Batman Villains. Joker Ending Scene, Joker 2 Clip and The Batman Movie …

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  1. Here's my Joker 2 News Breakdown and what's going on behind the scenes with future DC Villain movies. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's all my Joker Easter Eggs and Ending Scene videos too!

  2. I hope batman is in the sequel

  3. So Man Of Steel 2 would be out of question i guess…..

  4. Lex Luthor simply isn't popular enough. The only reason anyone bought a Lex Luthor action figure was to fuck him up.

  5. R rated killing joke!!!

  6. Joaquin Phoenix will have to lose weight again 😅

  7. Ugh, I'm sick of Lex Luthor. He's been overdone.

  8. hey I like this what you say but the only reason why Joker was a success was because the Joker is one of the best villain of all time and basically every body know who he is even non DC fans. I f you make a Lex Luther film it wont be as successful at all because nobody knows how he is and yes this is good for a solid movie but it would work with our society but what will work is adding a batman in the movie, that's what everyone wants to see and what everyone loves is a good batman and joker dilemma. Although this time make the batman a lot rated R, like blood everywhere and very violent scenes. This would bring DC to top.

  9. Keep Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Jason Mamoa as Aquaman. I don't care about the rest lol

  10. Leave him in Arkham and do Dr. Strange…so obvious

  11. Joker 2 better have ateast Batman Cameo…….

  12. I don't know if Joker should have a sequel. I think Joker should just be the villain in hero movies for now on, a sequel would kinda ruin the feeling

  13. It doesn't need a sequel also I don't want a DC black label. I want them to get a proper Justice League movie done, great director, great screen writer and the right people behind the camera in general.

  14. I would love to see him do a Deathstroke movie

  15. Are you not breaking down anymore Watchmen episodes???

  16. Joker 2 = very Joker

  17. Not feeling it but it's WB executives again making this decision, not the director or actors. I'd prefer a Lex Luthor, Deathstroke or Lobo origin.

  18. The Dark Knight rises is still the highest grossing DC movie worldwide……

  19. they should make the war between jokes and riddles.

  20. Based on how the Joker ended, they could flip it and make the first Joker seems like it was all made up in his head or he was just reflecting on his past the whole time while he was in Arkham as he breaks into his true Joker self to breakout.

  21. they should slam the breaks on the sequel and do this type of tone for other characters in the DC universe and then bring them together. Creating a DCCU and can the DCEU. but I don't care, either way, to be honest. Always liked Batman and the DC universe and well they have disappointed for years in the movies. sure some have been good no need to point them out any real fan knows which ones.

  22. Casualy talking about 3-4 years like it's nothing. Haha, I can't wait for these movies

  23. …oh come on you greedy bastards, the movie is fine on its own!

  24. I absolutely adore the movie but I don't want a sequel for it. My fear is that things in Joker are being explained in the sequel and because that breaking the essence of the first movie. Joker is perfect as it is. I think Philips should focus on another DC character for a DC Black movie, like Lex Luthor as you mentioned. Bryan Cranston would be perfection for a dark version of Luthor.

  25. Will the second joker movie be in the same universe as the first one?

    (Stupid shit DC does)

  26. it may introduce new version of joker inspired by Arthur Flecks joker, sounds realy great to me

  27. I wish everything was just merged together

  28. Joaquin said in an interview that there’s a lot more to explore with the character. I trusted in him once and the movie was beyond amazing. I’ll trust him again.

  29. Not as good as the reviews said imo

  30. Put on a Happy face ♥️♥️🤡🤡🤡

  31. I am very excited for the JOKER sequel ♥️🤡🤡

  32. My prediction is that Joker 2 will tie in to future DC Black films and won't solely be Arthur (Joker) alone as an obvious DC inspired character within.

  33. Lmao yeah and while we are at it connect back to the dceu and how he cloned himself into the hipster joker and blah blah blah fuck outta here the movie is. Perfect stand alone the same way Nolan didn’t bow down for another batman Phoenix will not break for an unnecessary sequel.

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