Joel Klatt breaks down his top 10 college teams and explains why he ranks Ohio State number one. He also talks about the decline of Michigan football under Jim Harbaugh and what he learned about Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley.

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Joel Klatt talks Michigan, reveals his top 10, who can take down Alabama & Clemson | CFB | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd Reply

    Outside of Alabama and Clemson, who do you think has the best shot to win this year's National Championship?

  2. Andrew Furyk Reply

    Joel Klatt VS Colin Cowherd at WrestleMania 36. Book It Vince.

  3. Canine University 101 Reply

    SJWs have turned this country soft….everything is a microaggression and it's all about coddling eachother. The transfer portal doesnt help

  4. OSU could very well lose 2 out of 4 to: Mich St, Wisconsin, Penn St or Michigan

  5. Brian Hopkins Reply

    Clemson is so weak….playing in the softest conference in the country. What a joke

  6. In Joe klatt top ten LSU has the best win . They should be umber 1

  7. laughing at u Reply

    By the numbers Ohio state may be better but good grief, all the talk of bama's schedule, Ohio state's toughest opponent has been a once beaten Nebraska. Wth. They might be a 7 or 8 team tops but no way no 1. Just saying. Bama hasn't played anyone either. I say lsu or Auburn but bama is top 4. 3 to 4 more games will tell all. Ohio state isnt impressive to me nor is Clemson at this point.

  8. Carson Taggart Reply

    Im sorry but joel is off on Ohio state. Everyone's defense would look good against the competition theyve been facing. Theyve yet to face a stout offensive team

  9. Ryan Cochran Reply

    Love how everyone and their grandma act like “no one can stop OWho,” when Texas shut them down for 6 straight quarters in both games last year. That’s like acting UGA is dominating the game…until they face Bama…

  10. Ryan Cochran Reply

    Love how everyone and their grandma act like “no one can stop OWho,” when Texas shut them down for 6 straight quarters in both games last year. That’s like acting UGA is dominating the game…until they face Bama…

  11. GatorsFB Fans Reply

    I don't know where Harbaugh touched Klatt, but it was a soft spot.

  12. Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES] Reply

    Conference Champions top 10 list 1) Georgia (though they were idle , still best win so far in SEC 2)Ohio st 3) Oklahoma .
    4)Clemson 5) LSU (Texas is still a better opponent than ALA has played) 6) Boise St (its beginning to look a lot like 2009)
    7)Alabama 8)Auburn 9)Florida 10)Wisconsin … 11)SMU not better but they are 5-0

  13. Quick History Reply

    Wow Colin Cowherd just called the Pac-12 the Pac-10… He also has said Justin Herbert is not a first round draft pick. Does this man hate the west coast? Or is he completely ignorant?

  14. firesteel01 Reply

    5 years ago Michigan finished 5-7 and unranked, and had finished unranked 5 of the last 7 seasons, one of those rankings was only #24!

    In the last 4 years with Harbaugh, Michigan has won 10 games and finished nationally ranked 3-4 times. He has made the program part of the conversation again. He is competing for 5 star candidates and winning some of them. He has brought the program back a long way in a short time.

    The reality is that the path to the next level is extremely difficult. The big ten has stacked most of its power teams in one conference, making the schedule more difficult. They play 9 bowl teams this season. It seems unrealistic to expect parity with ohio state already. It took nearly a decade of recruiting superiority for ohio to get to their present advantage and it seems fair to say it will probably take as long to address that deficit.

    The offensive scheme is fine. Micchigan proved that if you can get the kind of line play that bama gets-clean pocket, no penalties – then you can get the results–blowout scores.

    The bottom line for Michigan is the line play will determine success regardless of which offense is used.

    Fans with unrealistic expectations and those who fear that Michigan is on a trajectory to the top have been trying to put Harbaugh on the hotseat for two years already! Trolls are whistling in the dark.

    The "grownups" know that it takes time to build something of quality and are pleased with the rapid improvement that has taken place.

  15. you scumbags want to watch a real college football atmosphere? tune in to OSU as they return to Rome Saturday night.

  16. Unspherdcomb6 Reply

    1. Rutgers 2. Michagens offense 3. Klatts forehead (line is kinda weak) 4. Bo Nix 5. Jordon Scott's stomach

  17. It's really annoying when they got their praising Ohio state of Wisconsin on they haven't faced top 10 teams and then put Georgia or LSU in back and acting like they're not top-tier program tonight to more of like they're close to bama and Clemson but not there and you forget like Georgia is a top-tier program where the number 1 recruiting class in 2018 in the number 2 and 2019 only behind bama

  18. Chandler Greathouse Reply

    So Teams who beat up trash teams get into top 5 and he has Georgia at like 7? When the cuse gives Clemson a scare the past two seasons no one says they are not a top 3 team but Georgia beats a top 10 team who was in the playoffs last year and they arent a top 3 team? Anyone can look good against Indiana or southern Miss throwing to wide open wide outs. Clemson beat texas a&m by 2 tds. Georgia beat notre dame by 1. These ranking are trash regardless of what you think.

  19. Christopher Martinez Reply

    "I should be nicer to you. You're a part of the company…for the time being." Colin is hilarious!

  20. Potentially Kramer Reply

    Clemson, Alabama, and Ohio state have played no one they’re obviously gonna look great

  21. chris shields Reply

    Georgia doesn't move the TV ratings like an Alabama? Really? That is false.

  22. Ohio State is overrated as usual. They haven't played anyone yet.

  23. Georgia at #7 is ridiculous. Half the teams above them haven’t even played anyone half decent

  24. The spot in that game in 2016 was correct. Literally there's hundreds of those screenshots of the ball on the line. Just stop already

  25. Will Herman Reply

    I honestly believe that the reason Notre Dame is playing better and becoming more competitive against the Top Tier teams is simply that they are Recruiting much better at the Positions that are important now.

    Defensive End, Defensive Lineman, Corner, and WR…

    Notre Dame has periods in which there was a large talent void at 2 or more of those positions.

    Yeah, they've had some really good players at EACH of those positions… OCCASIONALLY!
    But NOW they have DEPTH! Real, tangible DEPTH!

    There is also something I am beginning to notice on the Defensive side of the ball, and that is the Defensive backfield is becoming much, much more aggressive in terms of the RUN. HE used to only have maybe one guy who would attack the run, and he able to play Run Support as well as cover the WRs.
    Now I am see in 3 or 4 guys back there who are flying to the ball and delivering some big hits and stopping the run before there are too many long gains.

    If you take the first quarter and a half of the Louisville game out, the RUN Defense has been tremendous!

    They just played possibly the best Running Team in the Country, and they did pretty damn well. Much of that success was due to the D-Backfield playing the run so well!

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