Joel Klatt reveals his top 10 teams in CFP rankings & talks Minnesota

Joel Klatt reveals his top 10 teams in CFP rankings & talks Minnesota

Come join Joel Klatt as he tells you whether Minnesota has a legit shot at the CFP and if the committee got their latest rankings right.

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  1. Joel… Never piss off the geeks. Everyone knows that

  2. Alabama gave up 1 point more in the loss to Auburn today than Clemson has in their last 6 games combined. Clemson has only given up 47 points in their last 6 games, and Bama gave up 48 today.

  3. Lol this guy hates the SEC, LSU has 4 top 10 wins. Don’t tell me about their defense or what you speculate they’d do against other teams tell me about WHAT HAS BEEN DONE

  4. its lsu check stats buddy lsu has theyyy most nfl players all time!!! worry about michigan then come back after you lose today lol & talk lol

  5. "Nobody wants to play Utah"… said nobody ever..

  6. When Georgia beats lsu he will have them at 5

  7. I disagree Joe… I think Michigan will be ready for Ohio State… I think you are gonna be Surprised how good Michigan is going to be playing… it’s time to bring the bucks down to reality

  8. Imagine thinking Michigan was better than Florida

  9. I can't wait to hear him say superman an the avengers lmao

  10. I will admit those conferences are stronger than they used to be but I still think the SEC as a whole is the strongest conference. Sometimes one team shows up ready to play and that's what happened with Rutgers and vandy and that's what happened with AL and Clemson. I'm hoping when Tua leaves AL goes back to their roots and run the ball down everyone throats. I did say last year AL would beat Clemson and I was obviously wrong. If a SEC team doesn't win the national championship this year I'll admit I'm wrong again. Doubt that will happen 2 years in a row

  11. How is LSUs win over Alabama a better win than USCs win over Utah is you put Utah over bama

  12. Joel has lost all credibility with this post… Just like Pollack totally has no credibility.

  13. You’re breaking my heart about Superman and the Avengers 🤦🏼‍♂️ it just hurts because I love DC. #nerdalert I get it. I’m a nerd. I accept that. The Justice League is just sooo gooood. Say whatever you want but “Superman and the Justice League” would be cooler.

  14. Chase Young and The Ovengers sounds better

  15. 4 top ten wins, undefeated and their #2. The writing is on the wall. No one wants a LSU vs Bama rematch and a guaranteed spot in the championship for the SEC. horrible reasoning by the committee and anyone else who does not believe LSU is not number 1

  16. I love how it starts with the Jason garret clap 👏🤣

  17. I was all stoked hearing him talk about Utah ….. and then LSU at 3rd ?!?!?!? …. no.

  18. OSU better hope they beat Michigan and the Gophers before thinking about the playoffs they are a paper tiger.

  19. “How in the world can you have LSU at 3? Because I can..” bwhahaha nice

  20. Best college football analyst in tv in the game, fck a network forreal!

  21. I would seed these four for the final four playoff on MERIT, not on my eyeball test. Why? The same reason that the committee does for the basketball tourney in March. They say, "who's on the "1" line"? Well, they determine 1 seeds by WHO THEY'VE BEATEN. Best record combined into that top four resume's and you get your top four teams. If LSU goes 13-0 there's NO justifying putting OSU at the 1 spot. They would have beaten Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M and Texas this year. That's just nuts!

    Now, I DO feel that Ohio State might be the best in the country but I WON'T just hand them the 1 seed because of wins over Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, Cincinnati and the Minn/Wisky winner as that resume isn't as good as LSU's. So LSU is at 1 if they win out. OSU had the superior resume' to Clemson so they're the 2 seed and Clemson the 3 seed. The 4th goes based on merit too. OU winning out might push them over Utah if they won out. They're both probably over Alabama on the resume's though. The Bama best wins are over Auburn if they win Saturday and Texas A&M. To me, that's not enough to beat a 12-1 OU or Utah if they finish that way. Adding in a backup QB playing for the Tide might also weigh against them.

    None of this means that I don't think that OSU isn't the best team, they may well be but their opportunity to prove it will come from a 2 seed and a game vs Clemson first and then taking on the LSU/4 seed winner. That's just my take and how I'd do this when it comes to the playoff. No problem with Klatt doing this based on his own feelings from watching all involved. I just think you should SEED based on merit, not on any favoritism/bias on your own part.

  22. This is the correct top 4.

  23. Still got Baylor and OU too low though. Baylor is 5-1 vs current Top 30 Teams and their only loss is to OU who is 4-1 against Top 30.

  24. The ONLY CFB analysis who sees Alabama and Georgia both for what they really are. Georgia’s got a great D but they’re offense is terrible. Alabama hasn’t played anyone but LSU and the Tigers blew their doors off.

  25. Utah at #4 is fantastic!! Seriously dominant!! Their defense will be a joy to watch against a top team like Ohio St. I just pray the CFP truly gives them the chance.

  26. Appreciate the DC/Marvel mashup poster “Superman and the Avengers”

  27. To start this klatt you continue to not know jack. Not gonna Agree 1 through 9 the best 2 loss team is Florida Gators

  28. Michigan ahead of penn state. Lost to penn state 🤔

  29. so by joel's strategy of evaluating teams, teams need to schedule out of conference opponents with losing records and beat them convincingly so they appear "complete" each week. what a joke. you point out that utahs loss being to a now ranked team helps their resume but in the same breath put clemson above lsu when they have beaten zero currently ranked teams. meanwhile lsu has the #1 strength of record in all of college football. and that is only good enough for 3rd place in your eyes? go gag on OSU a little harder. its not "baffling" enough yet.

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