Sub-Zero attempts one last time to prepare Scorpion for IT Chaper 2 and his Fight with Pennywise before IT’s too late. Can Scorpion find the will to overcome his deepest fear and finally defeat IT this Halloween? The Other Real MK Kombatants don’t seem to know that their door answering antics are fueling Pennywise making him stronger. Scorpion needs all the help he can get in his battle against a murderous clown! Warning! This video contains a lot of Clown. xD
We hope you guys enjoy the video! And that you have a Happy Halloween Kombat Krew!!! We’d love to hear what you’re going as for Halloween (if you havent already told us) in the komments below!

This vid has a lot of lore and references, mixing MKs timeline with Evil Dead, The Dark Tower, and IT. Some of these references are for the super fans of these amazing series! If you’d like to know more of how this idea came together after watching the video, I’ll explain it to anyone who asks in the comments 🙂

We’d like to thank Missy, and Jennifer for the amazing work they did to make this video come to life! We couldn’t do this without our amazing fam and all the support we receive in the kommunity! Thank you guys so much!

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ATTENTION: We are not the Official Scorpion & Sub-Zero! Real Mortal Kombat is a parody series that tries to imagine what the characters of Mortal Kombat would be like in Real Life, and how they’d interact with other video game characters and play their own games! If you’d like to see more, please SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. BizarrelyFunny Reply

    Thank you guys so much for all your kind words and feedback!! We really appreciate it and hope that you all have a happy halloween!
    For anyone who would like to know more about the turtle Maturin and backstory to IT/the dark tower, this video is worth watching for quick info about the turtle (Warning! IT Spoilers):

    Now for some Video Spoilers! Scorpion uses the spell used in the ending of Evil Dead 2 to take Pennywise to a time period where the turtle was strongest, and takes him into Todash space, the place Pennywise and Maturin are from, that Maturin the turtle still lives. The doors around them are references to The Dark Tower series, each door leading to a different time or place. For anyone whose seen The Mist, the monsters in The Mist were pulled out of Todash space, so you can imagine from that the type of monsters that are around there. Since Pennywise was weaker from his fight with Scorpion, Maturin was able to easily defeat and consume him, to use his energy later to create more universe or something lol

    Scorpion is able to beat Pennywise because ironically he's finally willing to listen to and believe Sub-Zero, probably because of helping him escape Pennywise last time. Pennywise's weakness is people not fearing him, or them having confidence that they can hurt him. Since Scorpion actually believed Sub-Zero and listened enough to him explaining the book, he felt confident he could defeat IT and it made him stronger. Pennywise doesn't even have to be afraid of turtles, its more about Scorpion believing he is than anything else. Hope this helps! If you guys have any more questions I'm here 🙂

  2. Just watched the video. 😗I'm so happy I saved this for Halloween 💖💖💖😆😆😆

  3. Quentin Hazen Reply

    sub zero where is the krypt 2019 ?also can you have it star your brother or any other combatant?

  4. Ka82 Deadpour Reply

    Scorpion: no more clowns
    The Joker is DLC characters in mortal kombat 11


    @Bizarrelyfunny awwww the girl is so cute it almost looks like she dressed up as scorpion and OMG she is starting to walk like my stepbro(FYI I missed you guys cause I almost couldn't watch your videos because of my high school studies so good thing I'm watching this video)

  6. Hanzo Hasashi Reply

    Sektor was sick I can’t believe you got sektor in the game

  7. Lisinda McComas Reply

    fangirl squeal death note!!!! Yeah it was BB and not L but I love that anime <3 oh and you would have four members if you added my OCs…… posably five if you add A.K

  8. Wyatt Chambers Reply

    Hey guys I'm doing a broadcast right now come and check it out if you want

  9. lee martinson Reply

    Nice costume hanzo hasashi in fact all the costumes are awesome this video is mental love you guys

  10. Sub zero it is "Ice" to see you and scorpion it's got me "Fired" up get "it"?

  11. Moraina Loretta Bullock Reply

    Awe beautiful little girl and lovely video it was intense penny wise and scorpion I love it .

  12. Amazing video btw can you please react to mortal kombat x and 11 rap by JT music pleaaaaase???

  13. Eleanor Bane Reply

    God I love you guys so much. This brought so much Halloween spirit to me. Thank you^^


  15. Great video guys. I enjoyed every minute of it. Its so funny and I love the references from the Evil Dead series. You guys are great 🙂

  16. Ice Princess Reply

    Omg they blew up the kid
    Now baraka is out on the loose and scorpion is dealing with IT lol
    Love the video guys and the baby in this video❤️

  17. did anyone else see the clown on the back wall near the window. Here's the time stamp6:52. When I first saw that I pooped my pants.

  18. Luca Patten Reply

    Turtle Turtle Turtle Pennywise TRUE WEAKNESS. Oh yeah when November come up do another Thanksgiving and December come in Do a Christmas one to and do some of reaction video to my Channel Also on your VR CHAT video you make in 2017 when Dizzymon took you guys to Doki Doki Literature Club and Sub-Zero Play some of it and got done Reading and stop playing it So you guys should play Doki Doki Literature Club and After you guys finish Doki Doki Literature Club you guys should play DOKI DOKI Exit Music it a Doki Doki mod and Ilove you guys so much you guys rock as REAL MORTAL KOMBAT 11.
    When are you guys going to add Female Charters in channel somday like you add Kiktana in your Christmas video in 2014. Oh Yeah love that baby Assassin Scorpion so cute.
    Hey did you guys save Reptile from Mario from 2018 Halloween and by Mario do you ever react to SMG4 Channels do some Reaction videos on his channel. also vote who going to win WAR OF THE FAT ITALIAN 2019 MARIO vs SMG4.
    Sorry that like a lot I said I LOVE YOUR CHANNLE ALSO Do Some BALDIS BASICS videos
    When you guys play VR CHAT SOMEDAY Hang out with Vannamelon if you guys ever watch Vannamelon channel before
    So that all I have to say and Thank you for Loving my commit thank you BizzarlyFunny

  19. cyberfox Lin Kuei Reply

    Hehe we'll I said what I liked about this already. But I'm sorry I missed the premiering. 😃☺️ I hope it went well. But I'm sure it did. I can't get over how cute Little Ninja/Lily is in this. And again IT looks so much better this time around. Idk if you shaved for this or got a good head cap on. But eather way it's great looking this time.

  20. Gamer Phantom Bot Reply

    I'm surprised that you guys aren't at 2 million subscribers by now.

  21. Luca Patten Reply

    You guys Should FNAF HELP WANTED THE VR

  22. Wyatt Chambers Reply

    Did you originally planned to have the baby do the skit with you guys I mean it's absolutely fine she's cute I wish we can do a meet and greet so I can meet you guys for the first time in person

    (Pun intendet)
    Quick question. Where did you get the Doom Slayers helmet from?

  24. Have a Great Halloween guys and great to see Ash Williams in this

  25. Westley Baker Reply

    More of Sektor please! :0 that costume was incredible

    Great work as always guys

  26. Wyatt Chambers Reply

    And by the way how is the baby feeling doing this skit with you guys

  27. Lethal GamingSins Reply

    the SECOND I saw the baby I liked the video and added it to my favorites

  28. Axel Rene Suzuki Reply

    I loved your vídeo Brother Sub Zero kuai Liang Ryan Jossy and Anthony Scorpion and your dauther is very cute to costume Scorpion is very adorable and all cosplay Wao That was is amazing jeje Nice job and happy Halloween yai

  29. alpha anime Reply

    lol i cant belive i almost miss this was funny and seen subzero ahhh my eyes keep it up

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