Is Luka Doncic a top 10 NBA player? | Will Cain Show

Will Cain explains why Dallas Mavericks breakout star Luka Doncic is a top 10 player in the NBA.
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  1. He’s the best in nba right now!

  2. He has the same problem as jokic. People don‘t appreciate white guys that can‘t jump

  3. He's definitely the best player that will not be making the playoffs anytime soon.

  4. Luka is the second best player in the league behind Lebron.

  5. Luka got to make the all star team first.

  6. Top ten come on be serious he's top 5 honestly…

  7. My top 10 active or injured:
    1) Lebron
    2) KD
    3) Kawhi
    4) Giannis
    5) AD
    6) Curry
    7) Harden
    8) Doncic
    9) PG-13
    10) Embiid

  8. if luka reach the WCF then he might be the number 1 !

  9. Should of said top 5 for an actual hot take

  10. Really!!?? Is anybody there who doubts that!? Really if he is top 10!???? F….k espn

  11. If he improves his 3-point shooting, he could be in the conversation for top 10 of all time.

  12. 1. Lebron
    2. Giannis
    3. Paul George
    4. Harden
    5. AD
    6. Kyrie
    7. Butler
    8. KD
    9. Klay
    10. Curry
    11. lillard
    12. Booker
    13. Embiid
    14. Jokic
    18. Siakam
    19. Walker
    20. Beal
    21. Towns
    22. Doncic

    This list is in no particular order!

    Doncic probably falls out of top 10 if not for other players being injured.
    He a top 15 player and is having a magical stretch… but his defense is a cause for concern.. he will get beat up by top level SF and SG…
    He reminds me of a up and coming James Harden if he can keep this offense going and I have not doubt in my mind he can.

  13. The question is if he’s a top 5 player, and imo he is.

  14. Def top 5 in fantasy
    Top 10 easy in the league

  15. 800th comment 🙆👫

  16. It makes me f**** sick to hear this top 10 bulshit He's Not Top 10 he's not top 10 he's top five or top three what other players playing like him

  17. I still think Luca has a ceiling… But that's a ceiling on a skyscraper building though instead of a two-story houseI still don't see him getting much better than this but this is so much better than everybody else as is

  18. Right now these past 10 games then yeah I can agree with top 10 maybe 5-7 range but overall maybe 10-15. That's still really good for a 20 year old doing this.

  19. Top 10? 😂😂😂😂😂
    If he would be american would be top1

  20. But he’s not black that knocks him down at least 6 spots.

  21. Top 10? LOL He's top 3 brah.

  22. No, he’s top 5. Maybe top 3

  23. they can win a ring in the next 5 years

  24. It's not because no one cares about defense, it's because most of the top players don't play defense


  26. I only agree with you when I'm inebriated……

  27. He gonna be League mvp soon and he a top5 player that's not even a discussion

  28. He is top 3.
    -Tracy Mcgrady

    I totally agree, right now we are talking about now.

  29. This year he's easily top 5. But he's still young as is the season. We'll get a better idea of his placement come end of the season. Anyone can have a hot streak or a cold one. If he keeps this up however, he should be an MVP candidate.

  30. That's like a very dumb question…

  31. Top 3 right now! Show me another?

  32. If Doncic pulls off the impossible he will be considered one of THE greatest players of all time. ROTY MVP this year and NBA champion including Finals MVP…next year.

  33. you get excited after 10 seasons games friend super & bravo without forgetting you project yourself as A soothsayers sure the future of Doncic in 5 years 🔮👏🏾 I said nothing more, I also like this player but just a thing we will talk about later maybe if he wins a title and more but brag about a good start to the season I think it's small & Doncic himself will tell you the same thing , so puerile debate & useless. put the him best player in the league, I do not care 🤝

  34. Luka triple double last night in 26 minutes..

  35. My Top 20:

    1. LeBron
    2. Durant
    3. Kawhi
    4. Giannis
    5. Harden
    6. AD
    7. Curry
    8. Doncic
    9. Embiid
    10. PG13
    11. Kyrie
    12. Lillard
    13. Jokic
    14. Towns
    15. Westbrook
    16. Butler
    17. Klay
    18. Booker
    19. Trey
    20. Beal

  36. Will Cain was also only one from USA Media that said Luka should be No.1 pick in draft before the draft and predicted that Luka will win ROY. Let that sink in.

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