iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold 128GB Unboxing Hands On vs 6 Plus | Sea Blue Silicone Case and Tech Armor

Hands on with Apple’s newest phone and everything in the box. Unboxing full box new Apple iPhone 7 Plus, Rose Gold. Bigger and heavier than 6 Plus and iPhone 7. 128 GB, water resistant, iOS 10, no headphone jack but has dongle adapter. Compare against an iPhone 6 Plus, plus unboxing iPhone 7 Plus Silicone case in Sea Blue. Is it worth the upgrade? It certainly won’t bend or crack in your pant pocket!

The hubby surprised me with the new iPhone 7 Plus for our fourth year wedding anniversary! The hubby has a new iPhone 7 in Matte Black. Questions welcomed.

NO COMMENTARY in video. ASMR tingles, ASMR with music

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  1. اللهم تلك الامنيه ❤️ الله يرزقني واحد مثله قولو امين

  2. I wish for iphone x on my brithday which is next month on 14 please make my wish come true i've been using iphone 5 and ik my family could afford any phone

  3. Só eu brasileira aqui??? 😩👀

  4. 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Does it come with the case ?

  6. I was very relaxed watching this video, without many words,

  7. No speak……. Wooooooo whettttttt5

  8. I want iPhone 7 plus Now 😩😩. But i dont have a money for buy iPhone 😩

  9. My iPhone 6s Plus screen just broke I’m so pissed off😂 had it for 2 years and my daughter just had to break it . I wanted to get the 8 plus but I think I may get the 7plus now .

  10. I love you iphone😳❤

  11. رنها ايفون الا صليه

  12. Wanted to buy 8 buy then it had glass back and I dont want something that will shatter I cant use both front and back glass the iphone 7 plus is the best for me so im getting it thiis december thanks u helped in convincing me lol

  13. أريد واحد يجججنن

  14. Hamara phone band ho Gaya main kaise chalu karega iPhone 7mera phone mein charge mein lagata hai to Kuch alag type ka jaisa aata hai shayad mere ko kuchh help kar do Mera iPhone 7 band ho Gaya

  15. I have a FREAKING Android

  16. Lo nesesito en mi vida😭😭

  17. please give me a gift because i need

  18. Send me that phones please 😭😭😭😭

  19. this is my dream, maybe i will win in 2020 january, answer this comment if you are seeing it in 2020 so you know if i won or not. 👍

  20. Hiii 🍏🍎iPhOne 7🤷‍♀️

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