iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5s iOS 9.2.1 Speed Test

Apple iPhone 4S is getting quite old as well as the Apple iPhone 5S, so welcome to this video of the Apple iPhone 4S iOS 9.2.1 Speed Comparison versus the Apple iPhone 5S iOS 9.2.1 This software has been reported buggy by some users and smooth by others.

The purpose of this episode is to show whether the Apple iPhone 4S can keep up with the Apple iPhone 5S on iOS 9.2.1 which may help you to decide if you will upgrade to one of these apple devices.

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  1. Hey still watching ur videos

  2. Just wanna ask if there is a big difference between the battery of 4s and 5s interms of same usage

  3. I have a black iPhone 5s and i love It so much😍😍😍😍

  4. hi how can i get latest ios in i phone 4s ny current ios is 7.

  5. which one should i buy? 4s or 5s?

  6. Can you please keep doing the reviews with the 5s vs? I enjoy watching. Please do an iPhone 5 iOS 6 vs iPhone 6s iOS 9??? Thanks

  7. Love both of these phones, glad to see the 4s that snappy! Might break mine out for a spin…

  8. iOS 9.2.1 on the iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5S 9.2.1, the ageing 4S is quite impressive for being nearly 5 years old now, what are your thoughts on the device?

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