iOS 9.2.1 iPhone 4S Patches | ToolBox Page

Hi guys, in today’s video, that happens to be in the very first spring day of 2016, I’d like to present the patches for iPhone 4S iOS 9.2.1 that you can download from this description.
You can deploy, as usual, these patches using F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager and the proper AES keys when available. Please keep them safe and avoid reuploading them.

Also in this video we are talking a new feature on F.C.E. 365 website which is a ToolBox page containing direct links to all important tools like RedSn0w, Sn0wbreeze, and so on.

Notice: This video is highly outdated, therefore, the links were removed. Please check out a more up to date video on the channel.

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  1. Thank you dude …………

  2. Keys for 4s….
    iPhone4,1 9.2.1
    Root FS

    iv 1a9ed17c0353f4df70fb69469d5c6dc1
    key 22df13c54b35ce188b498a461c5858e94c4c6d912e398a28f561c9410d30ce4e

    iv 73d7e6c665bcf2210faf21cdda9cdc16
    key 1893d688c9e73197b5cdd076c1a1a223e18a45364bf89993db7f9c03db939e01

    iv 1748cd2cbb87d4970f7471fb9fce2980
    key 4512dc4f276eadba7237e7b2ae0ae4a5c62923cd5356a6547f05a28de5cd294e

    iv 05ea572cd92514080e06c2a8c60b3a21
    key a2387134172374d561be4d83c0b1ddbaed65dfd4eabb118cf492d77e6608e69f

    iv b5b6326b622093b9b9b7dd7f979d4efd
    key de009fb55ff385412a8154ce317bf82917babd60c43132c11854bb2d28102820

    iv 08b791c9796d1f51814e51e4ccd8bc41
    key 1d03d10c7e1cd7a4dadc7e89c27c1d1b5d03cf1f04628630b213dbb93a255124

    iv 2222077db0f2940fc08ab80aef1404ae
    key 5afe9f5dd76273ba1b34815de81d5e5fc264d4dc694c6f98febbc202711386a8

    iv be989250a6cfc7ec8bc5e2ea27723680
    key 6b055294826867f8b97253929a7ac391fd3c2205c10299680a808144b9644879

    iv 196d08fe8078a78c704ede111b65213a
    key 24cec19ae1b7d49cfbbac4bbdea11a49d499deddf51b0fbe14996e8ff726165f

  3. Thanks!! You are the MAN!!
    No keys unfortunately 🙁 🙁

  4. Hi george Tell me if this book can help me he have this title (x86-64 Assembly Language Programming with Ubuntu )

  5. iphone 4s keys not found from The Iphone Wiki

  6. Thank you George for patches
    We are waiting for the firmawre keys
    Subscribe to your Android channel 😉

  7. Wow, only the iPhone 5S patches are missing.

  8. thank you for all you hard job dude, I have a ipad 4 wifi ios 9.2.1 with icloud what method can use to bypass? thanks again in advance (y)

  9. Can I use the patched iBSS to pwn my 4S and enter pwned dfu mode?

  10. Will subscribed u Android channel cus ur PRO>>>>>>> 😀

  11. I KNOW it's been a while since I posted my last video related to iPhone 4S, but finally the patches are there. Thanks Corina for help! If you wanna thank her, her music channel is in the description 🙂

  12. Thanks geosn0w! 😡

  13. Don't forget to take a look at my ANDROID channel if you are interested, it is in the description. These patches are FREE, if you paid for them, demand a refund!

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