iOS 9.2.1 iPhone 4S – How to correctly build a CFW for iCloud Bypass

As an outcome of my latest research in terms of iPhone 4S, I found out a pretty interesting thing. If you simply remove the form the IPSW, even if you find a correct payload to send out the CFW it will get stuck on Apple logo. iPhone 4S is the only device behaving this way, therefore the process of correctly creation of a CFW is slightly different than on iPhone 5 and all the rest, even if it DOES use most of the techniques from that.

Please pay attention to the video as I explain some interesting things you may want to know.
I think by the launch of iPhone 7, Apple will finally drop iPhone 4S, and maybe even 5 as they are kinda old now…
It is just a supposition, but if they do, we’ll be able to create a payload without risking to have it patched by Apple with new iOS version, at least for a longer period.

Notice: This video is highly outdated, therefore, the links were removed. Please check out a more up to date video on the channel.

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  1. man you're amazing .. i'll try it and if it worked thank you a lot man and if it didn't also thank you because you're really AMAZING DUDE !!!!
    great job man.

  2. You are amazing MR GEO,thank you so much.
    I thing you wiil be in place of STEEV GOBS one day.
    Keep going man.

  3. Great tutorial George, thank you for all your videos and hard work.

  4. Hi george Are the Patches Steel Working??

  5. Thank you George , i love you hahaha.
    Thank you so mach.
    I am waiting for the full tutorial.

  6. nice explanation 🙂 Please upload a full tutorial. I will be so grateful to you if you post a full tutorial to bypass iPhone 4S.
    Thank you , George.

  7. I liked so many videos of yours and subscribed too why u behaving like this? My mail

  8. Awesome I hope they do so we faster can bypass our iCloud without using risky exploits etc. Personally Apple should just drop supporting all non 64-bit devices if you ask me

  9. If enough people like this video and request so, I might try to upload CFW

  10. Hi George . Your videos are awesome bro, good job, this metod will work on iphone 5s when someone upload the keys? you will do another tutorial for the iphone 5s, i already can see your projects with iphone 5s. Thank you for this videos bro 🙂

  11. Thank you , George. I hope you will soon make full totrial.

  12. Do u have an iphone 6 tutorial

  13. good work thanks

  14. nothing for the iphone 6?… come on!

  15. thank you Mr. iDevice Central !!

  16. Good job.
    You're the best.
    When I load the file iOS.ipsw
    Appears "Waiting for device …"
    It is stuck in DFU mode
    does not come out of that screen
    until I get the error
    NOTE: using data cached version
    Found device in Recovery mode
    Identified as iPhone5,2 device
    Extracting BuildManifest from IPSW
    Product Version: 9.2.1
    Product Build: 13D15 Major: 13
    INFO: device serial number is DQHLQWZZDTWD
    Device supports Image4: false
    Variant: Customer Upgrade Install (IPSW)
    This update will restore your device without losing data.
    Found ECID 1430409772431
    Getting ApNonce in recovery mode … e7 7f cf ae fb 3d 81 70 36 87 45 f6 ab 1e the 9th 30 81 c0 the 4th e1
    Trying to fetch new SHSH Blob
    Getting SepNonce in recovery mode …
    WARNING: Unable to find BbSkeyId node
    Request URL Set to
    Sending request Attempt 1 … TSS successfully received response
    Received SHSH blobs
    Using cached filesystem from 'C: F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager PRO 8.9.3
    F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager PRO 8.9.3 Data
    iPhone5,2_9.2.1_13D15_Restore / 058-32162-015.dmg '
    Sending APTicket (2735 bytes)
    Extracting iBEC.n42.RELEASE.dfu …
    Not personalizing component iBEC …
    Sending iBEC (286720 bytes) …
    Getting ApNonce in recovery mode … e7 7f cf ae fb 3d 81 70 36 87 45 f6
    ab 1e the 9th 30 81 c0 the 4th e1
    Sending APTicket (2735 bytes)
    Recovery Mode Environment:
    iBoot build-version = iBoot-2817.20.26
    iBoot build-style = RELEASE
    AppleLogo Sending …
    Extracting applelogo@2x~iphone.s5l8950x.img3 …
    Not personalizing component AppleLogo …
    Sending AppleLogo (6796 bytes) …
    Extracting 058-32173-015.dmg …
    Not personalizing component RestoreRamDisk …
    Sending RestoreRamDisk (21209356 bytes) …
    Extracting DeviceTree.n42ap.img3 …
    Not personalizing component RestoreDeviceTree …
    Sending RestoreDeviceTree (89100 bytes) …
    Extracting kernelcache.release.n42 …
    Not personalizing component RestoreKernelCache …
    Sending RestoreKernelCache (10680780 bytes) …
    About to restore device …
    Waiting for device …
    ERROR: Unable to connect to device in restore mode
    ERROR: Unable to open device in restore mode
    ERROR: Unable to restore device

    Sorry for the English
    I know it's bad.

  17. if you really want to help just make cfw and give peoples to use

  18. Does this method work on Iphone 5,2 IOS 9.2.1

  19. nice work!

  20. great work I almost gave up on the bypass and I SAS this video and got my hope back
    thank you so much

  21. Hello George I have a iPad 4 WiFi how build a CFW? thank you

  22. Great Work George Thank you

  23. I really hope this tutorial shed some light about the 4S CFWs. IF I SEE GOOD FEEDBACK ON THIS VIDEO, I WILL MAKE FULL TUTORIAL!

  24. Will this method work for iPhone5?

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