Installing Windows 10 via network (PXE)

Installing multiple PCs in a wired network are easier with this.

First, download the tftpd server
Second, add the boot files. I was using Windows 7 but later change to 8.1 for its driver library.
Third, mount the Windows 10 ISO and share it. I was forget to add it in the video, but it’s easy, just some click
Fourth, enable the LAN Boot in your PC’s BIOS
Fifth, F12! Sometimes I miss it, lol
Sixth, connect to your shared drive and run setup.exe
Seventh, … up to you 😉


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  1. apa bisa computer client tanpa hardisk bisa menjalankan windows server dengan tftpd pak

  2. Almost excellent video. 👌

  3. apakah tftpd support untuk install windows 10 uefi?

  4. jelasin dong kak dapat folder boot dan sourceneya dari mana kan gk jelas jdinya tiba tiba ada makasih..

  5. Folder boot dan source dapat dari mana ya ka? Apa langsung copy dari file iso windows?

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