Install Windows or any OS over network [PXE Boot]

Learn how to easily install Windows consumer edition like 7, 8 and 10 By Ethernet LAN. Also supports Linux based OS.You can use for both UEFI & Legacy OS by PXE Network booting.
Suitable for mini Home router, Corporate server and P2P LAN.



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  1. Thank you!!! This saved my life because I dont have an 8gb usb for windows 10! You saved my home server. I appreciate the help 😀

  2. Only haters would dislike !

  3. To those who can't hear the naretion, you guys can always turn on captions so just use ur brain if you really want this to work for you

  4. I can hear you making sounds but can't understand anything. Thanks for the effort though.

  5. Can someone fix my problem?

  6. Amazing tutorial!!!
    Thank you!!!

  7. Thank you for uploading this video, though it is quite useless because it is almost impossible to hear the instructions over the music. The bad microphone makes the voice even harder to hear. And she talks so quickly with such a thick accent, it's as if this video is a prank. Thanks for trying anyway.

  8. Thank you! I was stuck in WDS hell. This is all I need. Much appreciated!

  9. Followed the steps but I still can't find the bootable OS in the boot manager 🙁

  10. Need a new Mic, but the presentation was good. I just don't understand why the need for the Folders?

  11. we are getting distracting from the background sound please do not keep for the upcoming videos

  12. The narration sound is unclear

  13. you do speak a little bit too quickly, but thank you for the content

  14. Very nice video let me try this…?

  15. you can explan for me. i don't understand. what is it?

  16. Is this a local network, or ipv4 pxe through internet?

  17. Do you understand you own voice?

  18. binl err :abort, couldn't create server eula issue

  19. Love your video and personality!

    Thanks for being you!!

  20. Love u dear that helped the bunny army.

  21. Not working in my lab show loading Network resources FAILED
    No no card driver

  22. Nice tutorial, even though it does not explain a lot on PXE Boot and its behavior. The music is anoying btw.

  23. Please talk English.

  24. In this video which os u used ??

  25. Useless for hosting from Linux …

  26. Wtf are you saying

  27. I got serva own interface Mac ignoring request

  28. so loud music, i am unable to hear the instructions..

  29. 0x56 the specified password is invalid

  30. Where do I set the username/password? I really have no clue what to type in…

  31. what if the computer im using doesnt have ethernet, is it like a 3ds and like next to it to connect?

  32. Thanks for the video. Installed Windows problem free.

  33. Lies. This is just spruiking serva, which I am trying to get away from with it's incessant nagging and shutting down after 50 minutes.

  34. Can't believe i spent hours trying this through network installing method with AIO,Tiny PXE.
    This was just so effortless.Thank you so much.

  35. Acer notebook – Security boot fail (

  36. Thanks, the way more easy

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