I wore a Japanese face mask every day for 30 days

I tried the Saborino morning face masks for 30 consecutive days, and this is what happened!

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The mask



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  1. i’d say your face looks vey glowy and smoother at the end! i have this too, tried it once or twice then just completely forgot about it… guess i’ll be relooking into it!

  2. I think that to see results you should follow the instructions ingredients in the mask should penetrate to the skin and you used it on top of the lotion that is wrong lotion should be used on top to lock all that good stuff inside the skin

  3. Omg those eyelash extensionssss ooof i wannnt

  4. 💖Like if you likes sheetmasks 💖

  5. you only apply the mask for 1 MINUTE!!!! otherwise its not good for your skin

  6. Hey girl sorry this is so random but would you be able to tell me where I can find the Expiration date for any Mitomo sheet masks ?? I bought a few masks and can only find number at the bottom of the back. Would that be the manufacture date or expiration date ? And if it’s the manufacture date do you know how long it last after the manufacture date ?? Sorry this was so random but if you can help me out I would really appreciate it 😊

  7. When i first use this i used it for 5 mins too and it stressed my skin. Later i learned that i only need to use it for 1 mins and it works sooo well afer that

  8. Girl you should buy Natural Moringa Powder mix with yogurt and use it as a mask it takes all the things you don't like from your skin in no time. Don't buy ready made products
    My Comments R Gold

  9. Today I have done glycarin mask use

  10. I think you're going to use the product for 1 minute and not 5 minutes.

  11. i think it definitely looks more hydrated the former looks a bit dry

  12. You should try keananadeshiko毛穴撫子 ,or sakekasu 酒粕マスク mask,
    Its very famous in here,

  13. you are only leaving it for 1 minute not 5 minutes

  14. can you do sk2 masks for 30 days?

  15. Tip, you can snip from nose to eye holes to make mask lay flat xD

  16. I find it really hard to find cruelty free/vegan skincare in Japan, so any videos on that would be amazing! ❤️

  17. I always think your skin looks great anyway ^^, must be all that water you drink haha x

  18. Yes! Please review DHC products. ❤️❤️❤️

  19. I hate the stickiness and always wash it off after using it haha may defeat the purpose but feels good!

  20. Hey Taylor, I think your skin looked really good even before using the mask 😊 but it's always nice to try something different…even if it doesn't make much difference in the end, it feels kinda like a little luxury to take care of oneself. Enjoyed the review, fun to watch, you should do more!

  21. damn o.o .. those eyelash extensions.. fabulous!!! They look so good on you 😀

  22. I vote yes for this kind of videos! Especially skincare <3

  23. Woah and so … Am I last to say I think your lashes look amazing? I don't know what happened but they make your face look so different! And … I mean your skin looks amazing. Taylor – I'm half asleep and I'm confused. XD

  24. I'm really curious about a mask product I saw in another video, but I think it's Korean. It's this video, starting at 4:24.


    I think the mask is this one:


    Do you have it in Japan? If so, can you do a review on it?! 🙏

  25. I thought your skin did look brighter and tighter, but hat can even just be the lighting I suppose. I don’t wash my face or do skin care in the morning. I do my skin care at night before bed. I may put a little light moisturiser on, but that’s it. I never have and my skin seems happy with this. I find if I do too much, it gets angry. I love miceller water from L’Oreal in place of face washing, and only occasionally head to the sink.

  26. Half way through the video, and your making me want both lash extensions AND a cup of tea (or a brew, as we call it in Manchester uk)

  27. The guy at my grocery store uses a face mask everyday, and i have found they helped when my skin is too dry of my eczema decides to pop up so i'm stoked to see the other videos you make that are like this (and other videos tbh).

    Idk how i missed the discord but stoked to join!

  28. Morning face mask sounds so nice and I have never ever thought about using a mask in the morning… I could do this, as right now I am just having coffee and oatmeal and watching your video. :'D

  29. 💋Taylor, Your skin looks Beautiful as Always! I don't like mask with too much fragrance. I don't have super sensitive skin either. My eyelids get alittle sensitive sometimes from using a retinoid to prevent any premature aging since I am in my thirties too. I love any kind of video u make, I will be here. Blessings. Love and Light 💖Carli

  30. Yeah beside maybe a bit more hydrated I don't think you skin looked much different either. It would be cool if they actually worked that way. Lazy people like me would rejoice. I also get hormonal acne, so when you said that I was like, "I'm buying a million of these masks if they help with this!" But then they didn't. 🙁

  31. Yeah! More of these please!!! Skin care is essential! Loved it! I'm into face mask these days too. Using them twice a week and it feels great! I'm using the Korean ones cause that's more accessible here in my country (like a loooooot of Korean masks, it's crazy) hope I can find some Japanese ones.

  32. It would be interesting to compare the performance of this mask with one just having cool water. I think you'd get a similar vasoconstriction effect, and it would also cut down on morning puffyness. Some of the coolness comes from Ethanol, an effect that would be diminished in a plain, cool water mask.

  33. As someone who knows nothing about skincare (but is trying to learn and has basically just now started using masks) this was really cool to watch. I also loved your editing!

  34. Sorry for all the comments lol, have you tried the lululun masks at all? I see Kim get them sometimes and I'm curious about them.

  35. Also, I was right, we are using the same masks! Wonder if I might need to try committing to it for the 30 days in a row. I just do it mainly on days I'm running behind or don't have time to do my full routine.

  36. Babysitting right now and just started to get bored lol, so yay for an upload!!

  37. I'm currently at work and can't watch this yet BUT I wanted first comment and I know what I'll be doing in my relax-after-work time! (It's watch this and do my own mask 😉 )

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