This is K-pop idol IU’s diet; I tried it and the final results are shocking.

I do not encourage dieting and rather support making healthier changes to your individual everyday diet. If you want to change your body, start by making changes to your everyday diet; DONT GO ON A DIET! I do not recommend this diet AT ALL.
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  1. Me : I'm gonna do diet

  2. Am I the only one that always hears about “water weight” but still has no idea what water weight means? If you know the meaning of it plz explain cuz I have no idea😅

  3. So at this current moment I'm doing the jimin diet which is not eating for 10 days. It's 10pm on the fourth day of not eating. And it's really hard I haven't gotten hunger pains tho so can't relate. But I'm not doing this because I don't like my body I'm doing it to see how my boy suffered and felt. In addition I'm doing the jungkook workout routine because they work hard and do this diet and I just want to feel how they felt.

  4. I will be doing this diet. But since I don't like potatoes and don't have time for breakfast, I will eat the Apple for lunch.

    But since I am only 13 I still have to eat what my parents cook me for dinner. Which means I am actually somewhat doing suga (bts) diet. For you who don't know he does not have a serious diet. He cuts down on what he eats. So instead of eating a bowl of rice he would he half or a third of it. So I will basically skip breakfast, apple for lunch, and only a portion of my dinner.

    I personally don't think this will hurt me. If you want to try the diets don't let anybody get to you. This is your body. If you don't like it you can change it. But always set a limit. For example have one day of the week you can have junk food.

    Just remember it's your body do what you want to do.

    ( And I'm also doing jungkooks workout routine)

  5. Chapped lips make me cringe 😭

  6. There are normal people an then there is me… i haven't eaten for 2 weeks and gained 3 kg then i was eating like a black hole and got-5 kg so i am nlt longer looking after what exactly i am eating because thats my only talent…. i am skiny and my only talent is fucking eating and thats what i am doing…. since i discovered, that even after two weeks of all-you-can eat i didnt gain any weight at all i am eating….. whats wrong with me… why it another ones fight my …hobby?

  7. I don’t get it how do u make the protein shake?? Anybody tell me plz I wanna do this diet 😂😂

  8. But she's already skinny😔👉🏻👈🏻

  9. At first I thought that motorcycle was my stomach

  10. I worked out yesterday and the day before (not even that much) and ate many sweets yesterday evening because it's Christmas….I woke up at 10 o'clock and haven't eaten until 12 and I was feeling so tired….I don't wanna know how that diet feels

  11. I’m sick so I loss a lot of weight

  12. I told my mom that I did this diet for a week, and she said she liked me better when I was on it!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. I do think she over reacted a tad but after ur body gets used to that diet it probably wouldn’t be so bad ud just have to adjust 🤷‍♀️

  14. I tried iu diet i did it for one day and the 2nd day i ate kfc 😭😭😭thanks to mom i m always unable to diet

  15. Guess what i did iu diet for 3 months . I would limit it to 200 to 300 and cycle everyday for 30 or i would walk for 2 hours if not cycle

  16. Don't they get gastric related problems?

  17. I don't get why you struggled so much with this, you must have a really fast metabolism because this would be more than enough to sustain me

  18. Okay is it werid that I did this and I felt completely fine a little peckish but not terrible and I worked out I didn't find this that bad. I don't know why but I flet completely fine

  19. I feel bad when I wait till 5pm to eat a super huge bowl of lentils with kale! ED’s suck! One meal a day isn’t good either! 🤦🏻‍♀️ body needs full around the clock! Especially people with low blood sugar! Ty for helping me not try this!!!!

  20. I have like 200 calories a day what-

  21. Barring in mind that IU is only around 162 cm or so, do you reckon it would have been any easier? (I mean I know she probably worked out and dance etc. At the same time. But like if instead she was to live a non-idol type life) since I assume Ellbat to be taller and therefore burn more calories in order to survive.

  22. Ok so my understanding of this diet is – apple – 2 watta – watta….. Ok

  23. Do yall know how bad this is ? Please don’t do this

  24. am I the only one who noticed how pretty her eyes are? <3

  25. Feeling hella down rn ive been overweight for a while lost 40 lbs and use string to measure my self no changes at all wtf

  26. i tried it and it makes me reaallly sad. fyi, its possible for you to not lose weight when you're stressed out and this diet is high stress

  27. so did you do workouts when you were on this diet?

  28. The recommended daily average for women is 1500-2000 calories and men are 2000-2500

  29. I've got abs— they're just shy.

  30. So.. no black coffee in between meals??? Fuck that!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. how many people are already doing this? (me)

  32. Uuuuuugggghhhhh, I know ima screw up my metabolism but heck, I’M DOING IT-

  33. Sister how do you do this I'd just quit (my job not the diet lmfao)

  34. Are you sure you are promoting healthy eating? This could be triggering

  35. Imma def try this, tht good results for 3 days is amazing, no need to comment and change my mind

  36. Mal yemin ediyorum

  37. I know it's a dumb question but are you supposed to boil the potato?

  38. i want to try it but my mom is allways checking if i have done eating

  39. I'm gonna do this for a month or until I get to 45 kg (I'm at 70 rn)

  40. me: innocently watching this video im sure everything will be just fi-
    her: measurements, lets do it!
    my eating disorder: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    also my ed: are you challenging me?
    ALSO my ed: vibe check shoots me
    again, my ed: this is a personal attack-
    me: waht

  41. Her body weight is scary

  42. I tried this and cried for almost 2 hours because i eat a cookie ;-;

  43. She was so happy that she had 1K subscribers, but now she has 271K, wow!

  44. people especially tall people have to consider that iu is … i do n' know 147 cms, so adjusting the diet to your height, having two sweet potatoes or two apples is totally fine!

  45. someone suscribe to my Chanel….: “ (

  46. I don’t think she has a 27 inch waist by eating pizza everyday. I think you are deceiving people with your real diet. I am sure this is unhealthy but you should have shown your real diet.


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