I tried Kpop idol IU's diet and omg…

What I ate after my 3 days of diet-

« S U B S C R I B E » Thanks for watching! 🙂 I have gained the weight I lost back but still so glad I’m no longer on this diet.

This is kpop idol IU 아이유 diet. It consists of an apple in the morning, a sweet potato for lunch and a protein shake for dinner along with workouts which I half-assed cause weaaaaaak lol.


« L I N K S »

« M A D E U S I N G »
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– Adobe Premier Pro CC

« M U S I C»

Stay Young & Keep Chasin’ Your Dreams!


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  1. Oof Its my first day on the diet!!
    Weight: 102 pounds ♡

  2. Call me crazy but… I love steamed sweet potato. Like I could eat just the potato by itself… like an apple

  3. Rinse your apple under warm water for 2 minutes
    This gets rid of chemicals and any wax crap they put on the outside to make it look shinier

  4. I think your body type (most Asians have blood type O & needs fats & proteins.. Best go get proteins shake like with one with rice or pea proteins, to have shake in the morning, SP half for lunch and 1/2 remaining and apple for dinner and warm tea. Then you wont be feeling so weak.

  5. “ no way let’s try again “ omg ily 😂😂🥰

  6. I love how she sneezed and I said "bless you" (out loud) and she said thank you and I was like "your welcome" 😂😭

  7. How do you make the shake potiene or whatever that is so i can try it, pls?

  8. Can I like eat protein bars instead protein shakes in this diet?

  9. 2:40
    this is the content you clicked on for

  10. The only time I had a flat stomach is when I was sick and kept puking. The only time I'm thin is when I'm sick

  11. lol are you suppose to have add ons? 😂

  12. Is this for short term

  13. i’m out here weighing 118

  14. Peraaa , com quantos quilos ela começou o vídeo , e com quantos ela terminou ?

  15. Lol just scrolled up enjoying comment…

  16. Lol let me try this if it’s work. 🥰

  17. 17:46 TRY ME💀

    15:25 The camera and clothes add to your weight

  18. Those drinks spoiled the diet ..🙄 they are not healthy.. you should have make protein drink at home..I think

  19. Currently eating fried chicken while watching this 😩

  20. added too much a little = big much a little..

  21. 107 😲😲 but why small ??

  22. Me: Wondering how that potato was baked cause im about to start the diet.
    Also me: Realising that my family gives me foods for like every minute.

  23. I’m 44 point something kg and I’m choosing this diet

  24. i have to try this, i did it ones alrreafy last year and it helped me a lot. but than i had a summer bteak and gained a lot. since im a ballet damcer i have a competition in 4 days and my teacher wants me to loose 4 kg. im 54 and 170cm ugh i hope i can do it. i don't eat much (around 800-1200kcal) so i hope think this will be better. i hope i cam do it

  25. When she said i could do a 먹방 i laughed so hard

  26. I tried the iu diet once, and I did lose 2 pounds after like one day idk, but I had a lot of headaches so I just stopped. And also I tried the jimin diet like two times and I almost passed out during gym class 😂

  27. Omg i thought i was crazy for peeling the skin off of apples. I never ate apples because of the skin, but now what i do is cut the apple in slices, then cut the skin off or eat around the skin.

  28. What with te banana ??

  29. Can I use a regular potato instead of a sweet potato? I hate sweet potatoes.

  30. 2:46 I said bless you out loud and my mom looked at me weirdly

  31. I have the same panda t-shirts hahaha

  32. I am going to so this diet , to see if i can loose weight because nothing else seems to be working for me!

  33. i wanna do this because i want my weight to be 95 pounds. i’m currently 110 or 112😔

  34. You look very depressed 😂😂😂

  35. I’m 12 and I’m 108lbs :/

  36. 10:02 ok…she said it was 9:40 for her..AND ITS EXACTLY 9:40 OVER HERE

  37. Your weight at the beginning is my goal

  38. 110 pounds the lowest I've been is 160

  39. I'm eating chocolate ice cream while watching this 😅😅😅

  40. I am 110 too and i want to be 105

  41. I'm going to do this but I'll eat an apple, a normal potato and a milk of glass 🙂

  42. You sneezed bless you

  43. Is it bad that I lost like 8 pounds once by eating nothing? 😐

  44. Can I drink green tea in between?

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