I tried IU’s diet for a week (K-pop idol diet)


  1. I'm extremely skinny, yet my mum tells me to eat less junk food. Then I eat less of my dinner because I want to loose weight and oh, eat more eat more. You can literally see my ribs lmao.

  2. How large are the apples and sweet potatoes there? Like that's a bowl and plate full of them.

  3. All diets ofc include healthy stuff to eat but at least you eat like a human. You eat for lunch chicken, fish and also to inform you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can't just eat an apple.

  4. Like what diet says to eat everyday the same food for lunch? A sweet potato.

  5. I am sorry to say but this isn't a diet. It's a way to get anorexia. Thanks

  6. me: mom i'm gonna have apples for breakfast from today.
    mom: okay
    also mom: serves apples with rice

    ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

  7. I am 13 y. o. and I am 5'5 and 70 kg.😞 For real I don't have any extra fat on my body or stretch marks but I have so much muscles on my both legs and arms. My stomach is the thinnest by the way but I hate the fact I have muscular legs!
    😕😢😞💔And I know that muscle weighs more than fat….. But my classmates and friends don't think I look like I am 70 kg. Can someone please maybe give me some advice on how to lose muscles or how to get them a bit smaller?

  8. What does protein shake taste like?

  9. I’m 56 kg and I look fat

  10. the problem is, I hate sweet potato! does anyone know a good replacement for it? thank you

  11. Ma così fai la fame. Non serve a niente. Colazione una mela, pranzo una patata dolce e a cena bevi. Ma con cosa ti sostieni? Tutto questo per perdere 3 kili in 7 giorni. Mi rappresenta di più se fai digiuno 2 giorni e poi basta.

  12. You can see her belly went in a bit. That's really awesome. Really wanna try this

  13. Where did you buy the protein powder?

  14. Can you buy protein powder in the bigger shops?

  15. Guys this is a temporary diet meant to reduce water weight or bloating, it’s more like some fast or cleansing. Not a long term diet. Do not do this, your body will go into survival mode and preserve as much as it can because you’re literally starving yourself. Once you eat normally you will gain back more weight. You will also burn muscle to which isn’t good because muscle burns fat. Without as much muscle it’ll be more difficult to burn the fat. It’s all about balancing out your diet.

  16. I weigh 45.9 and I'm not in my 20s yet!!!

  17. maybe tap water really helps 😛

  18. She must really like sweet potatoes haha

  19. This diet is trash lmao

  20. Imagine having to work out 12 hours a day on that food

  21. Yep I did it now but I don't have have any protein shake but she's sweet potatoes are look so big in Sri Lanka sweet potatoes are not that much big so but I eat only one yeah that's it I hope my weight loss for this IU diet please God help me

  22. Yes but when you start to eat normal again, you will get the jojo efekt.

  23. im allergic to apples

  24. dude i swear i want a sweet potato so fucking bad right now

  25. Why is your starting weight exactly the same as mine and my first breakfast was an apple too whatt?😂

  26. I want to do it but as soon as I tell mum I will be on a IU diet she would convince me to eat junk with her ☹️

  27. This is everything, but not healthy, if you want to lose weight go to the gym and workout 2-3 hours a day and eat really healthy but atleast 1500 calories in a day

  28. This is seriously the first video of diet plan which I found easier in a way that ingredients are readily availble.
    And most importantly I feel so happy that it's the diet plan of IU kpop singer and actress, my favorite, which is easy.

  29. I have abs!

    A- A
    B- Big
    S- Stomach

  30. What can i eat replace by sweet potatoes pls tell me cause in our country Bangladesh there’s not always available sweet potatoes

  31. also the sweet potatoes she used were japanese sweet potatoes (much smaller and less carbs/calories)

  32. This is really glorifying ED’s, and triggering. yet i watch this as i throw away my food in the hospital room so they don’t tube me again.

  33. the real problem comes when you absolutely hate sweet potatoes

  34. my anorexic ass: almost 4 kg in one week, yummy

  35. That apple cutting seems asmr xD

  36. May i know the full body workout that you do? :>

  37. Imagine having this much self control

  38. Actually thats yam not sweet potato


  40. Uhm, hmhm, * cough *
    I don't like sweet potatoes.

  41. I had tried this diet before and it worked I lost 4 pounds in 3 days, I will do it again before Christmas 🎄 to know that I am slim and I can afford to eat a propel meal without feeling guilty… #stayhealthy #selflove 💜

  42. I don't think anyone can do this with their mom around😂

  43. In my there no sweet potato and protein powder can you please suggest any thing instead these

  44. I jus wanna ask if the diet is healthy

  45. I like it i will do it😍😍✊🏻✊🏻

  46. This diet does work at the beginning, you lose like a few pounds but it's not healthy guys! You will gain probably more weight when you return to your normal lifestyle it is scientifically proven as the body goes through starvation and this stimulates the brain to think that the body needs to store more food. So it's not healthy don't try such things that will cause harm to yourselves! Try a more simple and healthy lifestyle and try to do physical exercises everyday if you really want to lose weight!
    I personally think that one gets more satisfied when their hardwork pays off rather than going the easier way and not using your full potential!
    🙂🙂stay healthy🙂🙂
    Drinks loads of water.❤❤❤

  47. Does it work without protein?

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