HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server Walkthrough – 634

We are getting a couple of new Backup servers, and these are the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 they have two Intel Scalable Gold 6154 18 cores 3.0GHz processors, 768 GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM.

HPE’s ProLiant DL380 Gen10 is a 2U, two-socket server that features Intel’s brand new Scalable Family of processors delivering significant increases in performance over the previous generation Intel Xeon E5 and E7 v4 processors. New additions include an update to iLO for greatly enhanced security, and a new generation of storage controllers to take advantage of the supercharged speed of processing and throughput. The new platform delivers more storage, memory, and a multitude of other options to support diverse workloads. Highly adaptable and scalable, the Gen10 DL380 is ideal for data centers, cloud, extreme virtual machine and container deployments, big data, and as host of other applications.

Link – HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server

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  1. Thanks a lot, can you reccomend me for this server
    1. a good remote tool
    2. a good raid sistem with 5 disk 1.2TB SAS 10k
    3. NAS and/or SAN backup or cloud provider for backup
    4. bare metal Hypervisor for run windows 2016 terminal server whit 30 client remote desktop
    any advice you give me…

    Thanks again, from italy…

  2. Which CPU and how much RAM suit for 20 PC? My client asks this question. But I don't know how to build it right !.

  3. brilliant watch ,, thank you

  4. Chinese text says its a Class A product and will cause radio interference, Steps should be taken to accommodate for it

  5. I came here to check the server, but enjoyed the video because of your humor. THANKS

  6. this is one of the server that is coming next week that I got at the cost of shipping after warranty

  7. 6 expansion slots, neat. Is there a 1U model with a 2 slot opening? So I can put a gpu in it? Searched ebay for models that have that but only find complete systems no cases only and no dual slot.

  8. Hello

    I need a quick help

    I have
    One D6020 DAS that has two Drawer1 ( 34 Disk X6TB ) and Drawer2 (34X6TB )
    Two DL380 Gen10 Servers with 2012 R2 Std OS
    I want to connect one drawer from one servers and 2nd drawer with 2nd servers so that each server should get 34 disk for
    Logical volume. This should be disk should be independed from each other servers, please help me the connection from D6020 to DL380 Gen10 Server

  9. I just bought 2x DL360 G10. You have to use 6 channel memory, and I don't think HP delivers with smaller than 16GB ram sticks now. I was going to get 128GB ram, but ended up with 192 because of that.

  10. Info: It is just called UEFI, replacement for BIOS, Can't be called UEFI BIOS.

  11. Thanks man for great detailed vid 🙂

  12. Did you get fired after this video?

  13. I have not worked with big enterprise machines a lot, but is it really necessary to have that much ram and 2 18core processors to handle storage? It seems overkill. Please tell me why you need such a beast, I want to learn 😉 Btw, really cool video's (just discovered this channel today) it is interesting to have a look inside what goes on in a data center

  14. What model are those 6 cards?

  15. I hate you, I'm super jealous

  16. oh i wish i could afford one DL 380 gen 10 replacing my aging dl380 g6

  17. Nice server, I miss your usual amazon link 🙂

    Chassis intrusion detection connector: I would like to know more 🙂

    How to install (see p. 117):


  18. HP = Hardware Problems :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  19. HP DL380 G5 is god almighty the best unit I have ever owned. I have had 4 of these running 24/7 for 5 years without a single hardware issue

  20. What kind of company do you work for?

  21. Its always fun when you are transferring half a millions worth of servers to DC's 🙂 Is the E5 series dropped now and replaced with the Gold, silver and bronze variant?

  22. What do you think about AMD Epyc, AMD Ryzen Pro and AMD Threadripper? And how do you deal with the Intel Hardware Vulnerabilities at work? Also really great Video

  23. Yay for a video of you actually at work~!

  24. didn't get the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10? would love to see your review on one when you do get ahold of one and how it performs

  25. Amazing. I love new hardware!

  26. Do they still have the nonsense over certified memory (so-called HP SmartMemory)?

  27. Sweet toys to play with.

  28. Hmm, so one or two of the FC cards is going to have to come out to make room for a SAS HBA or RAID card for the external storage? Also will those SSDs end up internal or in the external box? I used to work at a place that was all HP, hated IBM…had a friend working in the opposite environment, all IBM, hated HP. Now I work with Supermicro systems, and while the cost advantage is nice, I do like the HP/Dell/Lenovo/IBM life if you can afford them and the parts with their part numbers.

  29. Enjoyed the video. Do you use any tape drives at your data center?

  30. Has your boss not seen your videos about how fucking horrible HPE support is?

  31. Where u get these servers from?

  32. Same here our data center has switched to all new incoming servers HP. No issues so far keeps us happy. I personally use a Dell T430 at home it’s been good for a home server.

  33. Oh goody a data cener can you do a tour of it?

  34. Very informative….thank you…

  35. looks nice!
    anyway, what's the problem w/ HP? i only ever used their product once (still useable until now) :/

  36. What do you think about Dell and Supermicro servers?

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