hp laserjet 1020 printer installation on windows 7

Installation of HP laserjet 1020 printer on windows 7:

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Completely remove printer driver :



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  1. I have problem like “connect your device now”
    But I connected but install not complete
    What can I do

  2. sir mera print out nhi chal rha ukai liye aap download karna parega

  3. 2 page ko 1 page me print kaise kare hp lejerjet 1020 plus se

  4. Thankuu u helped me a lot today… 😄

  5. جزاك الله خيرا

  6. What the hell if u could have done zoom record ur video would have too many likes .Now its just 41 likes in 14000 views what a shame

  7. Pilz send you insttalet in full screen

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