How to resolve HTTP Error 404 and launch localhost with WAMP Server for PHP & MySql?


    WEEKS just to get my WAMP SERVER WORKING

  2. i have iis even then the option for Web deployment service is not coming. what to do?

  3. idr show ni horaha wo option

  4. NO web deployment agent servic ON MY LIST 55555555555555555 PLEASE HELP !

  5. After days of searching my answer was here. My Zune is back alive!!!!!
    Windows10: Control Panel – Programs – Turn Windows features on or off – Intent Information Services
    Un-select it and default port 80 error cleared up. Thank you Peter Porubsky!!!
    Using Abyss Web Service to bring my HD Zune back to life from error COOD133C.
    Zune published a nice video on YouTube and a link for ALL the files and programs you need in a zip file.
    They just gloss over how to use Abyss and get it to run on default port 80.

  6. Wow it really works💋💋

  7. So Helpful! And guys if you don't have web deployment agent service. Then see if any other service is occupying port 80. You can check that in cmd->netstat -aon and see for the pid of port 80, should be the first one. Then go to task manager and see which service is using that pid. Then, stop that process from services.msc

  8. amazing… it's work for me thnx bro keep it up

  9. The solution to my problem was:
    1. I dont have deployment agent service
    2. I go control panel/enable or disable Windows features/internet information services – shut it down, it wos a problem!!! 🙂


    As of today the current version is Apache 2.4.23 which take care of running php and we need to change the configuration of Apache in the following location:

    On Windows 10:


    * We are interested in the configuration file. You should see this file: "httpd.conf"
    * Open file with a text editor
    * You can use Ctrl + F (Find) and search for: "#Listen" on mine its on Line 71
    * You need to change the listening port of that line and the next 2 lines. Because several other software's you install on your computer are also listening to port 80 hence the failure of your wamp server to connect.
    * Instead of port: 80 change it to port: 8080. So we'll something like this:

    Listen [::0]:8080

    * Save the file, click on the Wamp icon on your windows Taskbar and restart all services. You should be fine now.

  11. There is no Web Development Agent Service. Bad tutorial

  12. i cant find web deployment ?????

  13. thanku vicky so much..Iam really really thankful to you…GOD BLESS YOU

  14. Thank you bro it's worked

  15. What if i don't have " web deployment Agent Service " on my services? and i don't have " SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER) " too , please help !

  16. coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  17. i am using window 10 i do not found "web development agent service" and we client services already stopped. still its showing HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found error. i am using wamp x64 version 2.5.

    What to do?

  18. what f i dont have "web deployment Agent Service" on my services ? o.o

  19. I had the same problem. If you have multiple Hard drives then it might be that xampp or wamp installed in both (or more) hard drives. It depends where the application is opened from, for example if its installed on both "(C:)" and "(D:)" and you open Xampp/wamp from (C:) but put your project files on (D:), then it wont work. Just make sure you have it installed on the main drive "(C:)".

  20. The solution to my problem was:
    1. I dont have deployment agent service
    2. I go control panel/enable or disable Windows features/internet information services – shut it down, it wos a problem!!! 🙂

  21. i don't have wamp i have xampp why this error it's appears in xampp? and you have a solution for this error? because the service "web deployment agent service" don't appear in my list of services
    i wait for your answer 🙂

  22. finally it is working

  23. Thanks man, finally it's working.

  24. finally, it's working man. good.

  25. i don't have "web development agent service" what should i do… help plz

  26. Wow~! Thanks it's working. 🙂

  27. your awesome!!!!! thank you

  28. still didnt work its apearing the same error

  29. You probably don't have mod_rewrite working. If you change the default WordPress permalinks and it's not working, your URL's will 404.

    Pretty permalinks on WAMP: Click on the green WampServer icon in the system tray, select Apache > Apache modules > then scroll down the module list until you come to "rewrite_module", and place a check mark next to it. See if that makes the difference. You may need to restart apache for the changes to take effect.

  30. Works like a charm! 10 out of 10.

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