How to Make Low Key Portrait Effect in Photoshop – Amazing Photo Effect Tutorial


First make duplicate of background layer.

Select a pen tool or select your model using pen tool.

Add mask to selected layer.

Then refine the model hair.

Select a background layer or open solid black color.

Remove unwanted area in hairs.

Go to the adjustment pannel or open gradient map or select a black and white gradient.

Open the curves adjust as me or follow the steps.

Go to adjustment or create a new layer of gradient fill.

Add black color on both sides then change a angle.

Remove the black shade right side of the model.

Select a model layer or create a new trasparent layer then change into soft light or climp on model.

Select a dodge tool or paint on face.

shift + ctrl + alt +e to get a final result.

Then i apply a high pass filter on image then change blending mode to linear light or your image look more sharpen.

Retouch And Airbrush Skin To Make Smooth Quickly In Photoshop



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  1. 1:55 It doesn't work on my device. It just does nothing. Whenever I disable the background layer, the background goes white but when I put a solid gradient on it, nothing happens to the background.

  2. Very cool I will try this out for sure!

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