How To Make a Video Using Powerpoint

Have you ever wanted to turn your presentation into a video so you could share it on Facebook, Youtube or other social media sites You’re in luck because in this short video I show you how.

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  1. Im on windows and when I click file it doesnt show me that what showed to you. What to do?

  2. This is a nice video. Thank you so much sir

  3. This is exacly what i wanted. Perfect short video. Thank you for your all effort.

  4. thank you for this! exactly what i have been looking for

  5. Is there a way to add subtitles to the presentation? Great video by the way!

  6. Hi, how to add music or video on the video presentation? tnx

  7. Thankyou Sir, Nice Video.

  8. THANK you so much James

  9. Sir can i download microsoft office 2016 on window 2007 ?

  10. Hi Thanks for the good explanation. Do you know if its possible to include the moving arrow in the powerpoint when making the video, or is that not possible for the software ?

  11. Very helpful Can the video be edited after it is exported?

  12. thanks for the helpful video…

  13. Thanks for your valuable information

  14. Thank you James..seem easy to me…

  15. how to underline any words during recording

  16. Thank you so much! Perfect!

  17. Very useful and result oriented video. Thanks, James

  18. Thanks a lot Very Precisely explained.

  19. Very good explanation 👌✌

  20. But im not mac im microsoft

  21. but i can't find export option . it is hide. what now?

  22. Thank you, James. Now, I can make a video presentation for my online class.

  23. Thank you James. Great help for our training program. God bless you.

  24. thank you, nice abd clear info

  25. Thank you for this helpful video, I've tried it and it's worked. However, the quality of my sound is horrible, I can hear my breathing… Could you give me any advice? How can I get the same sound quality you have in this video? thank you

  26. Thanks for the help.
    I wanna ask you that can we record desktop and background applications too?

  27. Are you screen recording this ? I wanna how you’re talking while showing slides

  28. How do you add a music background to run through the entire presentation?

  29. thank you so much…………..

  30. So You don't really need that timing area on the powerpoint timing?

  31. Awesome presentation. Thanks!

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