How To Install Bluestacks On Windows XP With 1GB Of RAM

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How to install Bluestacks on Windows XP with just 1GB RAM
(this Works On Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1)(and Windows 10)

Note: if you encounter some problems like you cant install it try the link below
or you need to updated your graphics driver to your original VGA driver that will solve the problem.

To Install Bluestacks With 1GB RAM Or Without Graphics Card
go to “Property” and double click on the “TRUE” value of GLMODE.
Replace it will “FALSE” and press enter. Save the new file.

Download Links :

Download Links :
Bluestacks: Aug. 16, 2012 (Shown in Video)

Edited Version:

Official Version: Bluestacks: 0.7.3 .0766

Bluestacks: Apr. 24, 2015

Edited version :

Official version: (Untouched)

Rooted Bluestacks App Player (Untouched)

Rooted Bluestacks App Player (Edited)

Bluestacks Install Error

Orca :

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  1. wierd story : i've watched this tutorial years ago and right now at 5 am i remembered the song and came back searching for it.

  2. compatiblity ka option hi nahi aaraha hai

  3. My XP Have a 532mb of ram

  4. top5 🙂 🙂 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 : ) 🙂 🙂 🙂 me maroc tanxe

  5. i have download orca and bluestacks or edit with orca but bluestacks not running
    reply please

  6. When you show us your system properties, there was a note pad

  7. My bluestaks not opening, keeps on initialising

  8. I have 1GB ram win xp i try to install this version of bluestacks without editing in orca… And it shows to install .Net framework 2.0 SP2 so installed it tried again and worked… But when it showed that ur drivers or graphics systems is not able to work more big apps, so it said some applications may not be work… What to do bro? Any solns.?

  9. Emang bisa bang Bulestacks buat ram 1gb..ane coba atau lihat spesifikasinya harus minimal ram 2 gb keatas bang

  10. plz tell me the screen recorder name i hav also windows xp

  11. hello sir i have downloaded both files dot net sdk and bluestacks in my xp window but stll it is not working . and i am very worried about that . so please give me any suggetion

  12. Thank you bro its work

  13. how to install whatsapp in bluestacks
    wtsp can not install in this app player
    help please

  14. bisa ke instal tapi game nya cuma itu itu doang dan gak bisa di mainkan gamenya

  15. that was awesome thanks and be always

  16. what is the version of the android in that bluestack? ^^

  17. my bluestacks keeps on initialising!! it doesnot starts.

  18. bakyas fake video koch bhe nahi ho raha

  19. this link is for blue stacks edit option

  20. drop down option Not coming. why…

  21. зашел чисто музыку послушать))

  22. need .net framework send the link

  23. Music shit!!!

  24. hey dude it requires framework 2.0 PS

  25. how to edited not show the any descrbtion in the table

  26. can i run coc after this?

  27. my computer doesn't show me Edit with orca

  28. what is diference official version and edited ??

  29. It worked but when i open stay some second and exit from bluestack what should i do?

  30. nice work thanks for esay video make

  31. how to dowanload

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