How to Green Screen Professionally – Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


  1. Whos got photography coursework lol

  2. this guys Mac isn't plugged in…

  3. How can I do it in phone 🙁

  4. I do all the exact steps but then it will not give me a cut option the cut option is hollowed out and only the copy option is available?

  5. Why didn’t you Invert the colors?

  6. wow, thank you for your tips!

  7. i cant cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. seems like a waste of time

  9. After using the cut tool, my backdrop turns white instead of transparent. Any advice? Thanks!

  10. thanks solid to the point

  11. i cant put a pic behind it

  12. This is not the right way to do this…..

  13. Helped me a lot, many thanks!

  14. This technique feels slow and imprecise enough that I would have just cut the image out manually, or at least refined the edges?

  15. the CUT is not letting me cut??

  16. If I were you, I would just erase it manually than doing thise refining.

  17. Why you don't use the Refine Edges function? Damn…

  18. How do I actually make my screen green in the first place? I'm so sorry but I'm brand new to PS and I have no idea how to actually use my images and put them onto a green screen, Can you help please?

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