How to Fix Windows is Not Genuine | Remove Build 7601/7600 | 100% Working Windows 7/8/10 | 2019

Hey Guys!!! In this video, I am doing a quick tutorial on how to fix the message saying that ” THIS COPY OF WINDOWS IS NOT GENUINE BUILD 7601″. I really wanted to do this because I myself had this problem for a while and I finally found a proper fix. So, in Windows 7, due to the KB971033 Update, the windows which were not previously original, had this problem, saying this copy is not genuine. I am using CMD(cmd) to solve this. I just type in the code slmgr -rearm in cmd, and that should do the work. I also show you how to fix the problem this limist has been exceed maximum times and also the command is not recognised.

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video: How to Fix Windows is Not Genuine | Build 7601 | 100% Working Windows 7 | 2017
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  1. In my laptop it is showing is not recognized as an internal or external command.

  2. You are awesome man thanks you so much brotha

  3. If it's works I'll definitely subscribe you

  4. Thanx a lot bro… You saved my wallpaper's life…
    Greetings from Malaysia.

  5. working 27 12 2019

  6. Thanks for subtitles because I have bad ears

  7. Thanks but see my computer properties that windows is not genuine please fix this


  9. Sir work nhi kra..
    Please sir help kro..
    Phle Maine CMD me coding kr nhi hui..
    Fir regedit wala kra Uske baad restart BHI kra fir aake wapis coding kri..
    Fir usme complete wala aagya tha.. fir restart Kia fir BHI nhi hua..😭

  10. Acess denied the requested action requires elevated privileges

  11. It's Working perfectly after fixing this all software also working smoothly

  12. Sweet bro, thanks!!

  13. Thank you very much! I never thought that it has a fix

  14. very helpful this video awesome

  15. Thanks brooo !!!

  16. Bro cmd code is not working

  17. Thanks sir

  18. I don’t have a search option on my start button

  19. Thanks! Had to run the script fix twice, but second time it worked.

  20. Hey bro check this out slmgr -rearm is not recognished as operable program or batch file

  21. 2019 december 18th still works great. thanks very very very much

  22. Thanks a lot bro…
    It works fine on Windows 7,Does it work on Windows 10? Do you see Windows 10 working?

  23. Thankyou so much… your video solved my problem…keep up the good work

  24. 1st time this is working but after slmgr is not recognized plz give me any salutation

  25. Slmgr is not recognized after reagedit

  26. i love u bro. its working for me

  27. Dude can u help me this is not working plz contact me or something😢

  28. It works 😃😃 Thank you so muchhhh

  29. Thank u very much sir….. U save my time and money😊😊😊😊

  30. You have a gift of making it soooo easy to follow along. Appreciate ya

  31. i want upgrade my windows system

  32. Did not work. Windows 7 Home Premium ServPack1, fix tested December 10, 2019. Fortunately I was able to dig around with a flashlight and the 25 character product code for the Windows installation was printed on the frame (in this case, lower left side of the tower towards the back).

    If this doesn't work, you might be lucky enough to have the key stamped somewhere on your computer, you might as well take a look.

  33. You sir, are a very kind man. I appreciate you. 100% working on windows 7

  34. mine did not work..though i did all the steps u have mentioned. H-key and all that.. plus the cmd code.. it mentioned to restart. and succesfully completed still on restarting same black screen occurs again.. plz help


  36. It really works. Thanks to the creator. I have been searching for my old computer but thanks to this video my laptop works into perfection.

  37. i am not having that more option 2:05 to click costomise.what can i do.plz reply

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