How To Fix 404 Error In WordPress – How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors

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How To Fix 404 Error In WordPress – How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to find 404 errors and then how to fix 404 error in WordPress. You’ll learn two ways to fix 404s and you can use the method you prefer.

If you have lots of 404 errors on your site that sends a bad signal to search engines. It means that your site is essentially broken. Having only a few 404 errors is okay, it happens. But if you have lots then you need to address the issue quickly.

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  1. I'm looking for an easier fix.

  2. Hello there i have question ,, i lost my website because i
    moved from one host into another ,, i tried to get full cpnael but the last
    host keep giving me wrong type of files so my subscription expire with them so
    i wasn't able to enter my old cpanel so i decided to start from the beginning
    but my problem is i keep find the old urls result on google so what should i do
    to remove it from their and not look like i have two websites because i need to
    make new urls for the new WordPress like home blog about ,, so how can i fix
    this ?

    i want to ask should i do
    everything all over again even my dns to google console even though it verified
    but it like i have the old urls with out the content and i cant access the old
    WordPress to delete them

    and can you tell me how to
    remove the coming soon sing from google and i do have the website live at the
    same time??

  3. Fantastic! Thank you! I'm changing website with an new one and this is very useful!

  4. I want to permanently delete 404 pages, any tips on that?

  5. thank you very much.. I used one of mentioned plugins and fixed my errors. Great video!

  6. i have uploaded products on my woocommerce but whenever i click on them it shows error

  7. wow, your good, your video alone says it want to help me out?

  8. Hi my man, there is no link for the redirection tutorial to fix 404

  9. I'm looking for a solution that will fix my WordPress dashboard that is going to 404 pages after I click any links within the dashboard. An example I go to my wp-admin, then log in, my dashboard loads. Then any links like, appearance, plugins, post, or anything that is a link on my WordPress dashboard. These links return a 404 page not found.

  10. HI thanks for the vid, i'm getting this: "Nothing Found" message can you please help me? this is my site: @t

  11. It was ok since the new update for iOS 12

  12. i went to position 7 to 25, that makes me angry

  13. Hello, Ireaaly like your tutorials. Im currently having huge issues with 404 that doesnt make any sense to me, cqn you please help?

  14. I get Server Error (404 Not Found) with elementor … pissin me off

  15. Question for you. I'm writing a new blog on my word press. I hit the preview button then I get "page not found" message. Not sure its a 404 error because there is no 404 message. This never happened before I've written over 10 blog post…

    Any ideas of why this is and how to fix it?


  16. I can't find permalink even in setting there is no permalink

  17. i am creating new event page in worpress running time showing 404 not found. can u help how to solve this problem.

  18. Greetings! I have a wordpress website build with ocean wp and elementor. Now whenever I want to edit my page with elementor, it shows 404 error page not found. I have tried the instructions given by the elementor official page, but all of these options not worked.
    Please help me out in this regard.
    Thank you!

  19. Hello Sir, I am Using elementor. when I edit page with elementor the page goes to " oops the page cant be found" Kindly help me solving this issues.

  20. You dont have any simple solution ? You offering a new plugin for every single problem solving. Can you imagine how heavy would be working the website with lots of plugins.

  21. Great video, however where is the link to your video for the plugin? I'd like to learn how to use the plugins, but don't see the link on your youtube channel. Thanks!

  22. Do redirects work for deleted posts? I'm having a real issue with my site not being indexed or searchable anymore because i deleted a post. I'm not sure if I can redirect it or not.

  23. Really simple and easy to follow tutorial on fixing 404 errors. Thanks!

  24. Hey Bjorn! What a great tutorial – once again! I have a question though, I tried to redirect a page to – that didn't work. Does it have something to do with the slash in the middle?

  25. loving your amazing and knowledge packed tutorials, please can you help me out, by making a video about the plugin I can use for website cost calculator on my website…thank you

  26. Good and effective one. 404 problem is a real problematic issue…

  27. This is the best channel for WordPress 🙂

  28. how to check error as you did in google….????

  29. Thanks for another great tutorial! What do you do if the isn't really a 404, but goes to a category page?

  30. Thanks again! And keep uploading useful videos…

  31. Hi there. Please can you make a video on how to make parallex effect in visual composer WITH overlay colour….I created it but my overlay colour is not showing in website…. please it will be great if you help me

  32. Nice job. Thanks .Also some themes let you customize your 404 page a little

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