How To Download, Install and Configure Serva PXE And Install Windows 10 UEFI

In this video I am demonstrating how to install windows from the network using Serva PXE 3.0.

You can see the actual speed here:

The things you will need:
Windows Files
Lan Drivers
Serva Program

Download Serva, Follow the instructions and make sure sharing is Enabled on Windows.
If you have questions, you can leave them in the comments or contact me via facebook.

And If you don’t have a password on your user, you might have problems so I recommend having one.

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  1. Please share the LAN drivers link

  2. Worked great to install Windows 10 on a Toshiba laptop, even without drivers. Thanks!

  3. i followed your step but in the client PC i received the error message : 0x35 . Would you know what it is ?

  4. An Excellent Video. Thank you so much for bringing clarity and providing easy steps to install windows 10 over a network. Much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. Hmm i get serva’s own interface MAC : ignoring request.. what’s wrong

  6. It's working… Thank you bro

  7. damn this software nagging after every shut down, and then closing after 50 minutes.

  8. I tried it, but problem is, after I put my OS files into the WIA_WDS folder, I opened Serva and all it said in the log was
    "BINL Inf: Preparation/Maintenance procedures "Start" **
    BINL Inf: Preparation/Maintenance procedures "End" **"
    I checked the folder, and it didn't put a "_SERVA_" folder into it. When I tried to boot into PxE anyway, it showed "Initial menu has no LABEL entries!" and kept flashing the screen on and off.
    Any help here? I really need to get this installed.

  9. Keep getting error on PC accessing Serva: "Initial menu has no LABEL entries!" I've tried starting all over again and still get this error. Any help would be appreciated.

  10. help me please when iboot with pxe it give me succeed to dowlaod nbp file but dosnt boot in pe why

  11. Hello.. i always get .. BINL Err: Expanding G:ROOTWIA_WDSWIN_SERVA_pxeboot.n12… why is that?

  12. i test it. works fine good job. ty

  13. WHICH LAN CARD DRIVER PLACE AT "C:serva_bootWIA_WDSwindows7$OEM$$Boot$$1$WinPEDriver$NIC"

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