How To Download And Install SSMS SQL Server Management Studio 2017

How To Download And Install SSMS SQL Server Management Studio 2017

First Install SQL Server developer edition Then Install SQL Management Studio.

For Reference, You can view my tutorial on how to install SQL server so that no issues occur.


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  1. What to do if we get setup failed

  2. i am not getting option in local server drop down lost :/

  3. Hi, I follow your tutorial and I got the 18.1 version. My sql server doesn't have a name and when I click on browse it's empty how do i fix that? thanks

  4. I am not getting server name please help

  5. worked loads thanks

  6. can i instal sql server 2017 express edition instead of developer edition and then install ssms 2017???? please tell me what will be the difference between installing express edition and installing develper edition

  7. I don't have that anything in server name, the list is empty when I click "browse for me".

  8. this helped a lot, thank you


  10. Hello sir, SQL server developer and SQL server management studio the versions must be same or no problem?
    plz rep;ly

  11. Hi. Why can't I open the installer? Tried re-downloading the file but still cannot open it. Please help

  12. Can ssms be used as database to upload images as data??

  13. nothing showing in server name for me..any suggestions???

  14. Very useful and very helpful it's was thanks

  15. I have nothing in Database Engine, Analysis Services, there is nothing to select. any help ?

  16. I tried to downloaded & install ssms.. but its not installing properly.. Repair Uninstall & Close options are only coming.. i repaired twice still not working.. i uninstalled & installed again still the same

  17. when I click browse for more nothing shows up plz help

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